What Makes Bamboo Extract Special?

 What Makes Bamboo Extract Special?

The bamboo species is considered to be an important grass type in the plant kingdom. There are about 1400 different varieties of bamboo.

Throughout the whole human history, bamboo has been used by humans for various things. It is preferred because of its versatility. Being one of the fastest-growing plant species, bamboo is now becoming increasingly popular as a supplement extract and nutritive tea. This is because it is considered to be an excellent source of silica.

The bamboo extract has a lot of benefits to offer. It is extremely good for your body and health.

Bamboo And Its Silica Content

Bamboo is one of the richest sources of organic silica. It is due to this mineral element that bamboo plants grow so tall and strong.

Silica is a natural element that has several benefits to offer. It is found in human bodies and also gets it from eating a balanced diet. According to experts, silica helps in absorbing calcium. It is known to help in mineral assimilation but especially in calcium uptake. Thus, it can reduce the chances of calcified accumulation in the joints and arteries. This is a very important feature for humans, past the mark of 40.

What are bamboo extracts?                                                        

Bamboo extracts are available in the form of powder which is known to contain a good amount of silica. These extracts are made using the inner stem, leaf or shoot of the bamboo plant. Bambusa Vulgaris, Bambusae Caulis and Bambusa Arundinacia are the three common species that are used for making bamboo extract.

You get about 70% silica in these extracts. By consuming bamboo extracts you can promote the growth of your hair and nail. That’s because it offers an ingredient that is important in bone renewal. Along with that it also offers a collagen-building formula.

There are many brands selling bamboo extracts, but you should look only for the top brands so that you can get maximum benefits.

Bamboo plant has a lot of health advantages to offer. This is why they are considered to be a special species in the plant kingdom. For increasing the health of your bones, you can take bamboo extracts.


Ruth Hill