What Science Says About Cannabis Legalization

 What Science Says About Cannabis Legalization

Science claims that marijuana is addictive and harmful to health. Youths are prone to become addicted to marijuana intake. Taking marijuana for a long period of time can also cause some underlying health issues. Science believes that a black market will continously operate due to the taxation placed on cannabis. They claim that people will always be drawn to more profitable ways of making money from cannabis and the tax placed on medical cannabis will prevent that. Science claims that candies and gummies produced are aimed at targeting children while making it easy for youths to take cannabis undetected. How much do weed dispensaries make? They make a lot of money from selling weed legally allowed by the government. The only money that is not included in the sales is the tax which they have to pay.

Science believes that your brain encourages pleasure and taken marijuana gives the high that comes from sex or food. You keep on feeding it that and before you know what is happening, you want more of that pleasurable feeling. Without expecting it, you become hooked to cannabis and trying to stop taking marijuana after you notice this, can be more difficult that imagined. You will notice you are becoming restless, depressed, easily irritated, inability to sleep and you start craving something different from the what you used to eat. How much do weed dispensaries make sure of patient safety is a question that may come to mind. A weed dispensary ensures that he does not give more than the prescription that is needed to treat a particular sickness. This can help prevent addiction and unnecessary usage of cannabis. How much do weed dispensaries make this happen? They make it happen because they see your health as the main priority.

They are of the belief that taking cannabis bi-weekly can make students drop out from school. Science believes that using cannabis before the age of eighteen has a way of affecting the intelligence quotient of students. They claim that not everyone will get away with using cannabis and many are been treated for the misuse of cannabis than the intake of alcohol. Science is countering that cannabis can kill even if it is not directly. Science says cannabis even though it fills a void, it has cost a lot of people their relationships and it has affected a lot of people in achieving their present and future goals. Making them feel less motivated to do what they are supposed to.

Science believes that we do not need to smoke marijuana to extract the healing properties. They should be a better way to do it, they claim.

Danny White