What to Do When You’re Facing Unemployment

 What to Do When You’re Facing Unemployment

Whether you have recently graduated or have been laid off in your current job, unemployment can really hit hard. It may start to eat away at your self-esteem and leave you feeling down, but there are certain ways you can help yourself to get back out there and seek new opportunities.

While it may not be easy to comprehend, unemployment can help you steer into a brand-new direction that you have always wanted to explore. Think of it as a new journey waiting to unfold.

So, what do you do when facing unemployment? Here are some top tips to take on board:

· Volunteer

While on the job hunt, you could consider volunteering to improve your resumé and boost your chances of getting hired. It reduces the large gap in employment and proves to employers that you’re motivated and dedicated to staying busy and acquiring transferable skills for your next paid role.

Not only that, but volunteering for a worthy cause is a great mood booster that is sure to put a spring in your step during the job hunt.

· Consider going self-employed

Self-employed life isn’t for everyone, but if you feel you can earn a living from a talent or skill, it’s certainly something to think about when you’re unemployed.

You could use it as a temporary option while on the job hunt to keep your incomings ticking over. Apply for short-term freelance roles and rent a flexible office space such as thebrew.co.uk, which allows you to come and go as you please without any binding contract.

· Re-write your resumé

When was the last time you updated your resumé? If it has been several years, it more than likely needs a few tweaks. Make sure to include your most recent work experience and any skills or qualifications you have acquired which could make you more employable.

You can carry out an online search of ‘resumé templates’ to gain some ideas on how to correctly format your resume. If you need extra help, you could hire a professional resumé writer who can devise and structure a winning resumé on your behalf.

· Network

Networking is key while unemployed – one simple connection could open up lots of doors you never expected. This can be achieved by catching up with friends in your desired industry, attending industry events, or even job fairs. Social media can also be useful for connecting with like-minded people and seeking useful advice.

· Take a course

It’s no secret that some courses can be very costly, and when unemployed, it’s not always feasible as you’re trying to cut back your expenditure. However, you may be surprised to know that there are plenty of free online courses to take advantage of and which could provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to acquire your desired job.

Whether it is writing, marketing, or leadership skills, consider which courses could make you a more attractive candidate in your field and stand out during the job search.

Robert Desauza