Where Should You Place Your Speakers in Your Music venue?

 Where Should You Place Your Speakers in Your Music venue?

Achieving great sounds with your speakers needs some experimentation. The venue is crucial no matter what audio equipment you have. Placing speakers properly can significantly improve your listening experiences. Your audiences must enjoy the music, and to delight them, your venue must have a proper music area. Music system setups will greatly affect the outcome of a performance. Audiences can be annoyed by the echo and lose interest. Make sure to keep the music at a moderate range of hearing, neither too low nor too high. Study the functionality of the main system after setup as it is the most crucial part of your music venue.

Venue dimensions

The first thing that you need to know is the venue dimensions to give your audience an awesome live experience. Check whether the venue has stands or normal sitting. Accordingly, you must make your speaker placement along with the various other audio components. This proper placement and audio design planning will make it an enriching experience for your audience.

Hardware placement

You would never want to trip on the audio wires and fall in the middle of an event, won’t you? Hence, you must have a clear idea of where you want to set up every speaker and other components. If you see that the venue is somewhat small, then it is better to place the left, and right big speakers turned a little bit towards the middle of the venue at a slightly upward angle. This is to get better sound output.

Set the speakers angularly

The sound spreads between the right and the left speaker since music is generally released by stereos. To get the best stereo images of these sounds, position the speaker at a 60-degree angle if music stands are provided at the venue. Now measure an angle of 60-degree and place the speakers apart. Mark the positions from your listening box and then place the speakers properly.

Distance from the Walls

Pull the speakers away from the wall if you have a big venue. Avoid a zone of 1.5 meters or 2.5 meters from the walls. If you have a smaller space, try to leave as much space as you can. Do Not keep the speakers closer to the walls as the bass will not play properly. Place the subwoofers at least 30.5cm from the walls and avoid keeping them in the dead centre.

Mixing desk setup

Make sure to position your desk at the centre of the venue. You can also place the desk on either side of the stage. It is easy to set up a digital desk and snake systems because of their built-in processing structure. Choose a low-tech mixing desk if you are unsure about the weather and have arranged for an outdoor music venue. Also, use cased gears in case of any unfortunate events.


It is not easy to follow every step and place the speakers, but it should be done to get the best audio design output. Above are some simple steps like measuring the angles, distance from the walls, hardware placements and other such paraphernalia which can help you to host a successful event. Follow them properly to place the speakers in your music venue.

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