Where to Lookout for Infertility Doctors in Mumbai

 Where to Lookout for Infertility Doctors in Mumbai

Planning your family is one of the best things in life, but not everyone gets to conceive naturally. But this does not mean that you cannot have a baby. The best infertility doctors in Mumbai can help you with their advanced techniques. 

Manager of Goral Gandhi Institute, Indo Nippon IVF, embryologist centre in Mumbai, has an inner view on infertility. She has seen many parents struggling to have kids. She knows both the personal consequences as well as the family dynamics impact. Finally, she takes immense satisfaction in effectively helping patients with fertility treatments as her job is to help people build families. 

She is India’s leading embryologist with over 25 years of IVF and Assisted Reproductive Techniques experience in this area. Her resolve and confidence in battling for infertility inspired her to educate women about this new way of preserving their fertility. She is the Director of Scientific and Laboratory at Bandra Mumbai, Indo Nippon IVF. Goral is an IVF consultant and has trained more than 600 embryologists worldwide. Goral Gandhi’s experience in seed freezing IVF, IVF lite, ICSI, donor egg IVF, frozen embryo transfer, and segmented IVF makes her a contributor to inspiring women and making them a step closer to their vision of being a mum! 

About Goral Gandhi: the best infertility doctors in Mumbai 

Goral Gandhi is currently serving Indo Nippon IVF’s laboratory / scientific officer, Mumbai India, which she established in 2017, leveraging her extensive knowledge of reproductive technique study as infertility doctors in Mumbai. She has a lot of experience in freezing sperm, embryo exchanges, cryo-vitrification, as well as setting up various centres in India. She has managed to deliver high success rates of IVF as a professional embryologist, rendering Indo Nippon IVF the most sought-after IVF clinic in the country. She plans to open a lot of centres in India and abroad with firm resolve and a high set target.

 In the year 1996, Goral Gandhi’s embryology career began. She has received her Master’s in Applied Biology from King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai University, for her research work on “Laboratory Quality Control” She then invested three years of her work at the quality control department, Hammersmith Hospital, UK. Later, she worked as a Research Fellow at the University Hospital, Belgium, as well as Egyptian IVF Center’s In Vitro Fertilization Department in Cairo. She got extensive experience in all ART procedures and laboratory operations while working in Egyptian IVF Center’s In Vitro Fertilization Department in Cairo. Goral has successfully established several IVF labs in India over the years.

 For over 20 years, Goral Gandhi has been a pioneer in the IVF and ART sector. She also has a wealth of experience in IVF education, and since 2000 has been conducting educational seminars, instruction, and hands-on sessions on all facets of IVF. She became associated with excellence and experience in all fields of embryology and laboratory management. Also, she educated a lot of embryologists and scientists. They have been qualified embryologists and are spread all over the world. She has led several ART seminars which involved IUI, IVF, ICSI, Vitrification, Trouble Shooting, and Laboratory Leadership preparation. 

Goral has been actively involved in clinical embryology research throughout her career. Her work efforts seek to establish a creative community and methodologies for cryopreservation to enhance clinical outcomes in pregnancy. 

Apart from being a qualified embryologist and operating her IVF clinic in Mumbai, Goral is also a mother of two kids. She loves to spend time with them and travels with her relatives on holidays. She enjoys traveling and reading. Her son is a sports fanatic and is operating a Cricket blog called “The Cricket Talking,” while her daughter is running a bakery and doing it pretty well.

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