Which Is the Best – Carpet Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Method

 Which Is the Best – Carpet Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Method

Carpet cleaning is an enduring battle. The thick fibers harbor pet dander, bacteria, dust, and dirt particles. Regular vacuuming allows eliminating the debris on top, but there is a buildup of dust deep inside that doesn’t budge. It can accumulate over time and cause the air to lose its quality. So, periodic deep cleaning is crucial. It helps to maintain a healthy environment in the house.

Professional carpet cleaning companies make use of techniques like steam cleaning and shampooing the carpets. Each method has its pros and cons. You need to understand the difference before you go on Flooring Domain.com to search for a reliable residential rug cleaner in your locality. It is a platform that allows Australian customers to connect with professionals associated with floor-associated tasks. You just post your job proposal with details and soon you will get quotes from contractors.

Carpet steam cleaning

A truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment is used to propel heated steam and water inside the carpet. The heat and pressurized steam dislodge the dirt embedded deep inside the thick fibers. The loosened dirt particles and moisture are then extracted with an extremely potent vacuum machine.


  • Removes the soiling trapped deep down.
  • Safe as no chemicals are used.
  • Effective and thorough cleaning method.
  • Successfully eliminates bacteria, dust mites, and odors.


  • Time-consuming process.
  • Takes time to dry after the treatment.
  • It is costly.

Steam cleaning helps to rejuvenate the carpet and extend its lifespan.

Carpet shampooing

Grime is a blend of oil and dirt, which is hard to remove from any kind of textile without using a chemical. The chemical holds the debris in suspension and does not get stuck to other fibers nearby. You can remove it easily. Shampoos or cleaning agents produce plenty of lather and the grime loosens up. It is pulled to the surface and gets drained off.

The cleaning tool has a rotating brush, which agitates and loosens the grime as well as scrubs away the deep stains ingrained within the carpet fibers. The carpet is then rinsed with hot water and moisture gets extracted with a vacuum.


  • Offers deep cleaning with deodorization benefits as a cleaning agent is used.
  • Stubborn stains that steam cleaning cannot remove are eliminated with this agitation method.


  • More water is used to remove the lather.
  • All the moisture does not get extracted with the vacuum.
  • The drying time is relatively longer.
  • Cleaning agents or shampoos can leave soapy residue, which is gooey and sticky. It can attract dust and dirt, cause carpet fiber matting, and even color change.

Carpet shampooing is a useful friend in combat against stubborn carpet grime.

What method to choose – Carpet steam cleaning or shampooing?

It is sensible to get a recommendation from the professional steam carpet cleaner. They examine the carpet to identify if steaming is sufficient or cleaning agent is necessary to get the desired outcome. If the carpet is flooded with dirt, speckled with stains, and releasing unpleasant odor, then only a professional carpet cleaning can help to breathe a new life in it. Eliminate stains and dirt, create a clean home environment!

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