Who’s responsible for footing the bucks party bill?

 Who’s responsible for footing the bucks party bill?

While everybody is congratulating your best mates for finally sealing the deal and choosing his forever partner everybody is busy hi fiving the groom, they seem to forget the massive responsibility that now falls on the groom’s best friend. Yes, he gets to be the right hand man, write the big speech and sit next to him on the bridal table but most importantly, he gets to organize an epic bucks party to celebrate the groom’s last days of freedom. We’ve seen a lot of Hollywood movies to know how horribly wrong these things can go, besides at the scale that they are presented why is no one talking about what these things cost? Besides, who pays for these shindigs?

If everyone has to pitch in, the party planner needs to have a budget. Paying for it can be a collective thing or up to one person. Either way you need to stay within budget, remember that there is still tomorrow.

Here are some of the best tips and bucks party ideas Melbourne that may help you host the best bucks party ever without having to go broke

  1. Set the date early

Set and lock in the date with everyone you are going to invite to the buck’s party. This will give you time to plan and to work out how much money you need and whre or how it will be spent.  Inviting people early will help work out who can make it to the party and who can commit to paying their share of the cost of this party. Get partial payment from those who have committed. This helps stop people from pulling out at the last minute and leaving you to cover expenses that arent in the budget. When you jhave confirmed the numbers and have money to atleast put a deposit for activities, strippers, and all the other fun stuff you might even get a discount from some service providers.

  1. Who do you really want there?

Do not invite evryman and their causins and dogs to the bucks party. You need to consider who your friend would drather have at their big send-off. Have friends who will contribute to the good vibes. Sometimes the best parties are the ones you have with family and closest friends. It might be helpful to have some feedback on the plans and bucks party ideas Melbourne from someone who has gone through the same experience.

  1. Keep it local

Destination bucks parties seem to be exotic and fun. However think about the cost of having a bucks weekend in Spain or Las Vegas. It’s too expensive and why do you have to get on a flight to a far off place to have fun. Melbourne has plenty of attractions. Keep things local, this way you can have enough for the best experience and even some extras.

  1. Get help

Having the title of best-man means a lot but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Get the groomsmen to help you. Delegate the tasks that need to be completed for the bucks night. When all hands are on deck, you get more eyes to help find great deals. The groomsmen may have connections that could lead to lowering of rates and VIP access or treatment in certain places. You need all the help you can get so you have more time to do other things that are expected of you as the best man like write a killer speech.

  1. See the bigger picture

Don’t get carried away. Think about it. Do customised invitations, matching spiderman suits, and other personalised stuff make a real difference in the great scheme of things? Try not sweat the small stuff, these are things that can end up costing you more than you budgeted for. To avoid finding yourself in the deep end without a paddle consider a company that offers bucks packages.

As you get closer to the the higher end of your budget, you might have to consider cutting back in some areas or being creative with how activities are set to happen. For instance, you could reduce your alcohol expenses by making the party a Bring Your Own affair. This way, people will not feel slighted when you dont serve the drinks of their choice – they can bring their own.

Robert Desauza