Why Is It a Good Idea for Artist to Sell Products of Their Art?

 Why Is It a Good Idea for Artist to Sell Products of Their Art?

It is a wrong belief amongst the artist that printing their art will decrease the value of the art. However, it is quite opposite as selling printed products at lower price can increase exposure, customer base and income.

Lana Zuevais an artist who loves to paint. She has learned how to paint by joining art painting school at a young age. She wants to bring joy to customers who purchase her work.

Art lovers and industry all know about Lana Zueva and her style. Taking inspiration from everything around her that’s the reason why she creates arts in different styles. She has created art in still-life, botanical, floral and landscapes, but it is difficult to choose her favorite style.

oilpayntings by lanaZueva are appreciated by all. She chooses to paint in oil as it brings energy and mood to the painting while also conveying the message.

The reasons why artists should sell products are:

  • Art may mismatch customer’s home décor-

Sometimes it happens that customers like your art but it doesn’t go well with the décor of their home or customer’s partner does not like your work. If you sell the same art in product like a bag then the customer can purchase that bag and remember your name for future purchases.

  • Expensive original artwork-

The original work of the artist can be expensive and not everyone can buy it. However, having other products in same design like laptop case or mouse mat can be affordable by anyone.

  • Huge Exposure-

The paintings can be sold at galleries or online making it known to only few people. But the products can be sold at home décor shops, fashion shops and any markets. This will make your brand popular amongst people. After people know your brand it will create a value ladder for your art.

  • Generating passive income

There is limited earning capacity when you only sell your artwork. You would have to make more art and sell it at high price to live comfortably. Multiplying your art into various products will provide you income for few years.

Followings are the reasons why people buy art online from the artists:

  • Having an opinion about the latest issues, sharing about your daily routine and about your believes can make potential customers feel like they know you and connect with you. After they like you as a person, they will start liking you as an artist and that can help in your sales.
  • You can talk about what you were thinking while making the art or why you made it or what is it representing. Conveying the meaning behind the art will help remind the customers of something they value.
  • Talking about what emotions the art represent can get you potential customers who want to feel that particular emotion.
  • Making art for a specific niche like skateboarders or bird watchers. It will attract that small group of people towards your art.

Finally, our suggestion is that artist should not print all of the artworks, as some art should be kept exclusive to sell at a higher price.

Paul Petersen