Why is Your Pet So Itchy? Potential Causes and Using Delta RX to Ease the Irritation

 Why is Your Pet So Itchy? Potential Causes and Using Delta RX to Ease the Irritation

Are you scratching your head over your pet’s persistent itching and rolling around on the rug? Pet owners might feel the itch themselves, just from watching all of this activity. There are several reasons why pets might be an itch, but it is essential to discover the cause within the shortest time possible. Scratching an occasional itch might be expected for pets, but when it happens continuously, it might lead to medical conditions that get worse over time. Pet owners can also talk to their veterinarians about using Delta RX, a moisturizing balm for pets, to ease the itchiness.

Potential Causes for Pet’s Itchy Skin

So, what’s behind a pet’s itchy skin? It might mean that a pet’s skin reacts to allergens within its environment. Some of the potential culprits include:


Like mosquito bites cause allergic reactions and irritation in humans, flea bites can also create itchy spots for pets. Flea bites can be anywhere on the body but are most common at the paws, tail base, and rear, where they love to hide. You might not see any fleas around, but it doesn’t mean they are not there, and one bite can cause extreme irritation on your pet.


Many allergic reactions on pets’ stem from environmental triggers such as mold spores, pollen, and dust mites. The allergens can irritate during specific seasons or even all year round. It is often visible when a pet scratches, rubs, or licks a specific part of its skin.


A pet’s itchy skin can signify that their diet needs an adjustment. Some pets, especially dogs, are allergic to common food ingredients such as dairy, beef, and chicken. The itchiness can happen on the foot, belly, armpits, or face. The pet owner can talk to a vet if they suspect that their pet might have food allergies.

Skin Infections

Bacterial and yeast infections often cause itchiness and discomfort for pets. The skin often becomes red and greasy, with a distinct odor. This is primarily on the folded areas of the skin, such as the neck, ears, and under the tail. It can often lead to damaged skin due to continuous scratching.

Soothing Pet’s Itchy Skin with Delta RX

The above itchiness causes can result in discomfort for pets. Because the symptoms often show on the skin, it is easy to use Delta RX as a remedy. This is an all-organic moisturizing balm that you can find at VetsGrade. The balm is designed to soothe irritated, cracked, and dry skin. It is soft and infused with USDA-certified oils and Chamomile extract to nourish and minimize itchiness in then troubled spots.

The product is easy to apply to elbows, noses, paws, and other areas of the skin. It can be applied up to three times a day, depending on how dry or itchy the affected area is. All the ingredients are organic, thus guaranteeing the ultimate safety for your pet.

Paul Watson