Why Live In Singapore

 Why Live In Singapore

For those looking to live abroad, Singapore is 1 nation that is absolutely worth considering. Between the year-round gorgeous weather and Singaporean positivity to foreigners, the country is the ideal area for any foreigner seeking to begin a fresh adventure. Here are our top 5 reasons that will leave you wondering just how to get Singapore PR?

The Garden City

As I walked through the city in May, the word that kept appearing to me to explain Singapore was: habitable. It seems like a location you can reside and make a home.

The streets are exceptionally tidy without feeling sterile. Much of the buildings are wrapped in walls of floras and the streets and freeways are shaded with umbrella-like rainfall trees, dense evergreen tembusu trees, and vivid bougainvillea.

The city has been referred to as the “garden city” since Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s very first prime minister, introduced the concept in 1967. His dream was to envelop it in lavish foliage to make it cleaner and a lot more pleasant. His initiative succeeded. Approximately 1.4 million trees have been planted over the last 40 years, and the latest buildings are regularly featured greenery.

Low Criminal Offense Rates

The country was placed 8th worldwide for crime rates in 2015. This is largely as a result of their stringent punishments for bribery, narcotic offenses, and less serious offenses like cheating on a companion, which can lead to one year of imprisonment.

An Outstanding Education System

With 20% of government budget going directly into education, Singapore is a terrific place for any person interested in continuing their academic training. The National University of Singapore presently places 12th on the planet for tertiary education, up from 25th in 2012. Grad programs cost an average of $22,000 per year, however government subsidies have the potential to decrease that expense by up to 50% and are offered to both international and domestic students.

Generally Higher Income

Foreigners do deal with a 29% increase in income and the average wage is $160,833, according to HSBC Expat’s yearly study. Two-thirds claim they have extra disposable revenue than they did at home. That’s most likely because of the high-quality of occupations offered to foreigners. Numerous multinational corporations like Microsoft, American Express, Edelman, and a lots of media companies have workplaces in the city. And the city is seen as a hub for the banking and oil and gas industries in Asia.


If you communicate in English or Mandarin, or wish to boost your abilities in these languages, they are 2 of the official four state languages of Singapore. All public signs are in English, and it is the principal business language.

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