Why You Should Choose Effusion Lamp

 Why You Should Choose Effusion Lamp


Different fragrances are available around the world, but few are generally among the most loved by the majority of people who use them. Effusion lamp is one fragrance that enjoys a lot of patronage and popularity due to the unmistakable and unique quality.

What is an effusion lamp?

An effusion fragrance lamp, also called a catalytic lamp, or perfume lamp, is a fragrance lamp that releases fragrant alcohol into the air through a combustion system. This combustion system is a simple wick threaded through a heated natural stone, which then disperses the alcohol and any scented oil added.

Need reasons to get yourself one? Here are a few things to know.

1. Oils with unique fragrance: 

Effusion lamps are famous for housing oils with unique fragrances. One whiff is enough; there is no mistaking it. There are over 800 fragrance effusion lamps marketed under 13 brands, and all are unique.

2. Long-lasting: 

Effusion fragrances are known to last a long time. With proper care, yours could go for some months before you need to get a new one. Say goodbye to paying quite a sum for perfumes that only last a few days or a couple of weeks at best.

3. Value for money: 

Effusion fragrances and lamps are designed to give the best value for money spent on them. A typical lamp goes for $39.95, while crystal lamps can sell for between $69.95 to $199.00. as noted before these lamps have a longer lifespan than others 

4. Refresh the air: 

Effusion lamps can purify the air by oxidation. Going further, they destroy bacteria in the air and remove odors. These lamps are safer than candles as they do not burn with a continuous flame. Instead of using up oxygen, they rather increase it and can, therefore, stay for a long time.

5. Aromatherapy: 

Masseuses find fragrance lamps to be very useful in aromatherapy sessions. As they are easy to set up and use, these lamps can be left at strategic positions in the massage room to give the best effect possible. The oils are available in different scents to suit the session.

6. Insect-repellent: 

Fragrance lamps have the ability to repel insects so that they can be used without the irritation of having light-loving insects flying around. The lamps can thus be used in semi-open, and open areas.

7. Efficient dispersal of scented oils: 

Because the combustion mechanism does not use flames to heat the oils directly (it rather uses lower temperatures), they are dispersed fully without being burned.

8. Totally healthy: 

Perfume lamps are healthy. The only precaution is to not digest or directly inhale the lamp fuel, and to make sure the lamp is placed on a stable surface.

Ruth Hill