3 best-managed WordPress hosting providers in India

 3 best-managed WordPress hosting providers in India

WordPress is considered one of the most renowned platforms for activities related to blogging. This platform provides users with an extensive list of feasible services such as built-in plugins, high security, guest blogging, libraries of different themes, website plugins, and so on. This is where managed WordPress hosting comes in. Choose hosting-services from a trusted service provider and you will be able to experience a seamlessly working website.

In contrast to regular web hosting, managed hosting of WordPress is far more reliable and secured. Here, the host manages every aspect of the website, whether it is the security, the updates, the dynamic changes in the plugins and website design, or the server downtime, etc. There are several managed web hosting platforms in India, which you can subscribe to your WordPress website.  

But, the major problem is that not all of them are reliable enough to hand over the control of your website. To get you out of this predicament, we have discussed the three most popular fully managed WordPress hosting servers available in India. 

  • Bluehost

One of the most famous WordPress hosting services available in India is Bluehost. This platform is known for its fast-hosting services, which don’t allow conversion rates to drop during downtime. In fact, Bluehost ensures that the server is not overloaded even if your website has peak traffic. For WordPress hosting, you will have four package plans, and based on the budget and the facilities available, you can choose the most desired one. Since Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting reduces downtime and allows the users to access your site, it is one of the best choices present in the Indian market. If you are looking for reliable managed hosting for your WordPress website, Bluehost could be your solution.

  • WP Engine

One of the major features WP Engine provides is the optimised hosting environments for all WordPress users. This helps the users to fulfil their requirements easily. You get premium, basic, and shared hosting packages that most certainly give you more options to save your money and increase your website’s performance and security. You have easy access to the StudioPress themes with which you can make your website design far more vigilant and authentic. WP engine will also help keep your website up-to-date as per the changes of core WordPress coding at dedicated server price.  

  • Cloudways 

Cloudways has several operational locations distributed across India, and hence you won’t have to face any problems. The hosting plans are flexible and affordable, which allows you to avail of their services without fretting over the costs. Here, you get free SSL certification for the security of your website, which is great. The uptime response of the platform is marvellous, and hence, your website won’t suffer from increased server load during peak traffic.  

Even though managed web hosting is a bit costlier than the normal one, it is best to hire the managed service provider for a fully optimised WordPress website.  


Danny White