Five crucial aspects to choose your criminal law attorney

 Five crucial aspects to choose your criminal law attorney

Choosing a Kitchener criminal lawyer can be much more complicated than you might think. In fact, taking into account that you are going to face a process with severe consequences, it is necessary to scrupulously follow a series of tips to end up choosing the most appropriate one and the one that offers you the best guarantees. After all, there are hundreds of specialized law firms. Here we want to give you the right recommendations to get it right.

Close and direct treatment

It does not matter if you turn to such a lawyer for the simple purpose of canceling your criminal record or if you need their services for something more serious, such as facing criminal proceedings of any kind. You will find a good clue about the professionalism of the subject as soon as you pick up the phone to make an appointment. In this sense, a good criminal lawyer is one who is interested in your situation, listens to your case carefully from the first moment, studies it and takes care of you personally.

Experience is a degree

Obviously, there are many specialists in Criminal Law who are magnificent professionals and possess impressive legislative knowledge. Despite this, these professionals need enough time to study the way each criminal proceeding works. It is why you should count on the experience and the number of total cases won by the professional. Bear in mind that if you had to choose a doctor to undergo life-or-death surgery, you would not trust the first to be found.

Specialized in the field

Criminal Law is very broad. For this reason, the best professionals continue to train in specific areas with the aim of becoming the best professionals in a given case. Therefore, you should always look for the lawyer who shows you the most guarantees regarding the type of judicial process you are going to face.

The success rate

It is as important a matter as experience when hiring one criminal lawyer. And, what is the use of extensive experience if the professional in question has not been able to carry out a convincing percentage of cases? Trusting him would probably be flipping a coin and tempting fate. Therefore, before putting yourself in the hands of a criminal lawyer, it is vitally important that you ask for references about this fact. Furthermore, it is appropriate that you do your own inquiries. It will not be difficult for you to find cases in which other people have represented in the same situation like you.

The costs

Obviously, you will have set a budget for yourself. It may be that you can make an exception and spend a little more, although normally it is not like that. In this sense, the best criminal lawyers have rates according to the seriousness of the matter they are going to address and the type of crime on which they are going to defend a subject. The fees for the defense of a defendant for murder are not the same as for someone who has committed an economic crime of a criminal nature.

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