3 Reasons Not to Have a Criminal Record

 3 Reasons Not to Have a Criminal Record

While some seemed destined for crime, countless others avoid running into such a life.

That said it should be commonsense that not having a criminal record can get your further in life.

So, have you been doing all you can to avoid winding up with a rap sheet?

Your Life Could Go South if You End up with a Record

In looking why you need to do all you can to keep a criminal record from having your name on it, remember these reasons:

  1. Looking over your shoulder – A record can leave you all too often looking over your shoulder. Seeing the police and wondering if they are coming for you is not much of a comforting feeling at the end of the day. When this happens, can you expect to have a great quality of life in the process? There may well be a warrant out for your arrest. If this is true, you may or may not know it. One option if you think it is a possibility is to go online and lookup warrants. This allows you to in fact see if your name is on a warrant. If it is, your best bet is to deal with the matter as fast as possible. Not doing so can leave you in limbo. Yes, a warrant can turn your life on its heels. Now, do you want your life up in the air as you try to move in with it?
  2. Impacting your career opportunities – Another way a record can do damage is in your career. Stop for a moment and think about your job options when you have a criminal record. While some employers are open to giving folks a second chance, others are not so forgiving. You could end up on the outside looking in when it comes to finding a good job. Things of course will revolve around what your criminal record has to offer in the first place. If it was a minor offense or offenses, chances are better that the impact will not be so great. If it was something of a more serious nature, it could doom your job prospects.
  3. Will your personal life take a hit? – It is also important to think about your personal world should you have a criminal record. You may end up losing some relationships due to this. From a significant other to family members and friends, some may bail on you if you have a record. Of course this again will depend on what you did and were convicted of. If it is minor stuff, chances are you do not have a lot to worry about. If it is one or major things, you do have reason to be concerned about losing people in your world.

It all comes down to doing everything you can to avoid having a criminal record in the first place.

Sure, staying on the right side of the law sounds easy enough.

That said some people seem to find a way to mess things up along the way.

So, do you have a criminal record and if so have reason for concern?

Ruth Hill