Fun Fundraisers For Preschools

 Fun Fundraisers For Preschools

Fundraisers are a major way schools raise money to complete projects and organize fun and educational activities for the kids. It is a  tool the school uses to achieve goals to enhance the kids’ curricular and extracurricular experiences while in preschool.  For the easiest fundraising solutions, visit

Preschool fundraiser ideas are expected to be fun if you want parents and the kids to turn up. It has to be engaging, fun, and entertaining. This way you can have fun raising money. You should make your school fundraiser fun so that the idea of it can interest the parents and they can allow their kids, as well as themselves, to join in the fun.

It is interesting to know that fundraising isn’t about fun alone. It instills some good values parents would love to see their kids exhibit. It helps the kids learn to be charitable,  generous, and learn how to socialize and make strong connections with other people.

Don’t make fundraising boring, get the kids playing, happily running around, and making money with these fun preschool fundraiser ideas;

Karaoke Night Fundraiser

Karaoke is a good way to raise money and have fun while at it. Talk to a local restaurant with a back room. Make a commission deal on food and drink sales. Bring in your karaoke machine and have fun for the night. Ensure to inform the parents in good time and also send them reminders about the karaoke night fundraiser. You can have posters about the event around the school so the parents get to see and keep the event in mind.

Gummy Bear Fundraisers

Since kids love gummy bears, you can as well set up a gummy bear sale to raise funds. Get gummy bears supply and sell to your preschool kids to raise funds. Kids love gummy bears because they are colorful, chewy, and come in fun shapes and sizes. Gummy bears are not boring at all and they are a healthy candy option. All these make it a fun preschool fundraiser idea.

Preschool Art Fundraiser

Art fundraising is a fun way to raise funds for your upcoming project. It is fun and engaging, the kids will surely want to participate in it. Set up a gallery, provide the kids with painting pencils, watercolors, catalogs or theme books and let them do some drawing or painting. Fix a date and invite the parents to a fair where they get to bid for their kids’ artwork.

Ensure to advertise the fair in the best possible ways, print posters and flyers for the parents to see and also send them letters to specially invite them to bid for their kid’s artwork.

Carnival Fundraiser

This promises to bring premium fun. Bring everyone together for a family fun day and raise money while at it. Carnival combines multiple fundraisers in one event. Provide games for all ages to get the kids and their families to have fun at the event. Your carnival should have a theme and you can hold one every year. The theme of your carnival will be a foundation for all activities. This will keep the families thrilled and interested in your unpredictable yearly carnival. Provide costumes and eatables for a fee.

Halloween Fundraiser

The kids deserve a Halloween party and you should give them just that. Design a Halloween card the kids can take with them to each family they visit on Halloween. They should not demand candy this time, they should rather explain the fundraising to each family they visit and get a donation. This will teach the kids the importance of giving. This seems like an incredible mission the kids would love to engage in.

Cupcakes Wars

Cupcakes preschool fundraiser idea sets to spark creativity in the kids. Charge an admission fee for the kids to compete in a  cupcake decoration war. Let the kids compete to crown the best cupcake designer. Set up a panel of judges to crown the best cake designer.  Let everyone enjoy the sweet cupcakes at the end.

Photoshoot With Santa

Oh yeah, kids love Santa. This holiday can be the best time to raise funds for your intended project. Get a good camera and a Santa to host your own Santa events. Make plans for games to keep it fun, also provide refreshments for sale. Charge a picture fee and you can also make some money off the refreshment sale.

These preschool fundraiser ideas will help the kids have maximum fun while learning some values. Watch them glow up and enjoy a good time with their families with these fun fundraisers.

Robert Desauza