3 Ways South Africans Use Bitcoin in 2020

 3 Ways South Africans Use Bitcoin in 2020

Cryptocurrency is digital currencies that use new innovative technologies such as blockchain. Recently, South Africa is among those countries going through the cryptocurrency revolution. To use a bitcoin for making payment or trade on exchange platform one need to create a bitcoin wallet in South Africa.

You can find many apps that offer a bitcoin wallet to South African people. Bitcoin is the hottest cryptocurrency that is used by people living in a different country. Bitcoin offers a lot of freedom to the user to make payments for availing services globally.

The South African country had recently seen the crypto revolution. Here are a few ways South African can make use of the opportunity and use bitcoin to avail maximum benefits:


The people from all over the world use Bitcoin nowadays, which make it easy for people to hire a freelancer from different countries. Nowadays, it is easy to find a web developer or other service provider on an online platform that accepts BTC payments.

In case you are a freelancer, all you need is to use your bitcoin wallet South Africa for accepting bitcoin payment. BTC will allow you to work on a different project from across the globe and earn bitcoin for your work.

2.Stake Another Coin

All exchange platforms accept the Bitcoin, you can use these platforms to trade different cryptocurrencies. Each day new cryptocurrencies emerge in the market, and some of the cryptocurrencies can turn out to be an investment opportunity. The new crypto coin launched recently will costs far less than the bitcoin. You can earn a large amount of them by just exchanging a few BTC.

If you are someone who is looking to grow their funds, then trading and staking on the different coin is a good option for you, for doing so you need to make a bitcoin wallet in South Africa. As the wallets allow users to easily exchange the BTC online.

3.Buying Domain

Nowadays, every business is making its move to a digital platform. If you think you need to make a move to a digital platform,  BTC can open doors for you as now you can buy a domain with BTC. Generally, buying a domain is expensive, but you can use BTC payment to make it cheaper.

Here are a few listed below that you can use to buy Domain with making a bitcoin wallet in South Africa.

  • NameCheap.
  • Zilliqa

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