Mark Roemer Shares Ways to Write Engaging Posts

 Mark Roemer Shares Ways to Write Engaging Posts


Finally, you have written a great article and posted it on various social media platforms. You feel happy to share your thoughts with the readers. But when you check the analytics after a week you are surprised to see that there was hardly any traffic and just a couple of clicks to your post. So, what went wrong? Do not question your writing. Your writing may be flawless but there are ways to make it more appealing. In this article, Mark Roemer suggests a few ways to make your posts more fun, so that the readers actually care to read it. 

The Ways

  1. Inspire people – People look up to some motivational quotes or a word of advice. To make people follow the words of your wisdom, you can start the trend of hashtags with your quote. When you strike a chord with the mind of the readers, they come back to you for more such advice and take some action accordingly.
  2. Interact with people – Imagine yourself with someone at a party who just speaks about themselves and doesn’t give you a chance to state your opinions or views. Won’t you get bored with the conversations and look for ways to get out of it? Don’t let this happen to your post. Make it fun and interact with the audience. The best way to do so is to write posts inviting people to answer or state their opinion and give feedback. You can put up a poll or a survey for the same. 
  3. Make it simple – Readers of today are not interested when you beat around the bush. Make your post simple and easy to understand. If you can convey your message in a couple of crisp sentences, do it. It arouses curiosity in mind and is more likely to fetch likes, shares, and clicks when compared to a long post. When a long post is inevitable make sure the headline says it all as the headline is the most eye-catching part of a wonderful piece.
  4. Show empathy – When you write a social post, your audience is looking up to you. Project yourself as one of their own. The usage of ‘you’ or ‘your’ connects with the readers and engages you with your readers. Try to know your target audience and what is challenging for their role. Come out with some respite to them. The more you can appeal to their areas of difficulty and strain, the larger the number of clicks you may get to your posts.
  5. Make it sound important – When you include a sense of urgency in your posts, you are catching the attention of readers. You can include some time-sensitive giveaways or prompt some actions accordingly. When you do so you tend to make an impact and open an opportunity for the readers to grab knowledge in a fixed time. 


Diversify your posts and make variations to it to test their impact. Mark Roemer believes that unless you are open to experimenting, you won’t be sure what works best for you. Above all, don’t give up and keep trying to learn from your mistakes.


Danny White