4 Safety Tips to Observe After You Rent An Apartment in Singapore

 4 Safety Tips to Observe After You Rent An Apartment in Singapore

As a tenant, your options for enhancing security are limited. Though it may come as a surprise, there are a plethora of simple security measures you can implement when you rent an apartment in Singapore, even in a large apartment building or complex. And everything from what to do after signing a lease to improving your apartment’s security after you’ve already moved is in this comprehensive guide.

1. Get Lessee Insurance

There is always the chance of something bad happening, no matter how careful you are. Therefore, it is prudent to protect oneself with renters insurance in Singapore for accommodation apartments. Your renter’s insurance policy will protect your furniture, electronics, clothing, possessions, and damages in the event of a burglary or natural disaster, in contrast to your landlord’s insurance policy, which only covers the structure in which you reside. As a bonus, it protects you from legal responsibility and medical expenses should a guest sustain an injury in your home.

2. Interact With Neighbours

In the same way that having smart security cameras installed throughout the building would be beneficial, so would knowing your neighbours. When people in a community are familiar with one another, they are more likely to look out for each other and report any suspicious behaviour they observe. So keep an eye out for good neighbours in your apartment for rent in Singapore. Make small talk with them in the lobby or the cafeteria.

3. Install a Security System

Many tenants mistakenly believe that their apartment’s security system is limited to a door chain and a few different door locks because drilling holes is generally not permitted in apartments. Thankfully, it’s not like that at all. Sensors for doors and windows adhere to the frame with adhesive in wireless alarm systems, and you can check in on everything from your phone. There are various security systems available for the best serviced apartments in Singapore, and many of them include standalone sirens to notify you of any issues and deter potential intruders.

4. Invest in a Safety Vault

A potential intruder into your apartment is no excuse to let them take everything you own. A sturdy safe in the home is an effective deterrent against intruders, nosy roommates, and unsavoury visitors. Converse with your landlord about the possibility of bolting it to a wall or floor to ensure the safety of your cash, jewellery, firearms, heirlooms, important documents, and other valuables inside.

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