5 best link building techniques in 2020

 5 best link building techniques in 2020

What Is Link Building?

Link Building or Backlink establishment is a procedure of securing hyperlinks on different sites that are already positioned high in search engine results pages. These URLs diverts the users to your webpage and furthermore pass link juice to your site. At the point when search engine crawlers begin their job of crawling and indexing for making a collection of the best search outcomes then they check each link on each webpage. Hence, if sites that are already enjoying higher amount of traffic give you the backlinks then it’s more likely that your website will also be visible on the higher position. This is the reason why link building is a significant off-page SEO factor.

What are the types of Backlinks?

Backlinks are mainly of two kinds i.e. Do-follow and no-follow links. Both of them serves different purposes. Let us know a bit more about these types of links in brief.

Do-Follow Links

  • Pass link juice to your website
  • Increases your domain authority in the eyes of Google
  • Increases your Page Rank

No-Follow Links

  • A measure to stop spamming activities online
  • Doesn’t influence search rankings and domain authority
  • Google crawlers don’t follow these links

From the above quick go-through of the do-follow and no-follow backlink features it is clear that do-follow backlinks will cater to your requirement of increase web traffic, rankings, and authority.

In this post, we’ll tell you the 5 best link building techniques, which are also the best off-page SEO Company Ahmedabad for your website.

  1. Free Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are those on which users share their content like web pages URLs, videos, blog posts, articles, and images. It is an easy way for audience to search, explore, assemble and organize webpages of their interest via virtual “bookmarks.”

Social media are handy for social bookmarking. Quality backlinks can be built using these websites.

  1. Free Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission sites can be simply considered as a telephone directory where instead of contact numbers of businesses, their website’s URL and details are distributed in distinct directories as per their industry or niche they belong to.

In simple words, a web directory is a platform where sites get listed with their name, description, and industry. This off-page SEO technique will give definite results to you.

  1. Free Classified Submission Sites

Classified submission websites are very useful for any business promotion. On classified sites in India, a business can post ads for its products or services. These websites are popular as it assists you create ads for local prospects. This is one of the easiest off-page SEO activity for effective link building.

  1. Free Business Listing Sites

Business listings can be easily understood as public profiles that can be viewed by any individual online. A business listing consists of NAP that stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Extra information, including website URL and working hours are also displayed by some business listings. A business must add its details on multiple business listing platforms so its prospects and clients can easily find the contact details.

  1. Free Infographic Submission Sites

Infographic is an image that displays data such as charts, statistics, and information in different forms. Just like images reach to mass audience, infographics also get viral quickly than written form of content. So, you can increase your business exposure by submitting meaningful infographics and gaining backlink from these infographic submission sites.


These are 5 best link building techniques that help you earn backlinks and increase user engagement. By submitting your URL, site information, infographic, and other custom content on the above sites, you will enhance probability of ranking higher than your competitors on the internet.

Also, if you know any other top link building techniques then do share them with us so we can extend our list.

Ruth Hill