5 Best Resorts on Bintan Island, Make Your Holiday More Luxurious

 5 Best Resorts on Bintan Island, Make Your Holiday More Luxurious

Bintan is dubbed as a hidden gem in the west of Indonesia. Domestic travelers do not widely know this island, but its beauty has quietly stolen the attention of world tourism. Just look at how many resorts in Bintan operate on the largest island of the Riau Archipelago province. Of the many resorts, below are five recommended resorts in Bintan.

1.  Treasure Bay

One of the gathering areas for star resorts on Bintan Island is in the Lagoi Bay area. Treasure Bay is a luxury resort that makes the Lagoi tourist area a vacation spot for tourists. The company that owns this resort works with Canyon Ranch, a world-class spa resort manager from America. Resort Treasure Bay is located on the beach, where exotic views will be the primary treatment for guests staying there. The management knows very well that Bintan Island has very good prospects and will become one of the tourism centers in Indonesia.

2.  The Canopi Resort

Enjoy a quiet rural feel with complete and comfortable facilities you can find at The Canopi Resort . The lodging in this place is designed like a unique cottage with a retro design like the life of Europeans in the Middle Ages. The facility is equipped with an artificial beach directly connected to the main beach at the end. Each cottage also has equipment such as a jacuzzi, so a traveler can immediately relax and soak in this pool after swimming at the beach—a unique choice for a staycation.

3.  Nirwana Garden Resort

For those of you who miss a bit of the Balinese atmosphere, you can choose Nirwana Garden Resort as a place to stay as well as vacation. This resort is located in the Lagoi Bay area and has a very strong Balinese feel.

The ethnic nuance is immediately felt when the traveler enters the main lobby. The interior decoration is indeed adopted from Bali. In this lobby, national dances are often staged, complete with beautiful gamelan beats. Then, the traveler can take a walk around the resort to enjoy the beautiful beaches, taste various games in the outbound arena, and enjoy various Indonesian dishes at a floating restaurant called Kelong Restaurant.

4.  Ria Bintan Golf Lodge

Ria Bintan Golf Lodge has a very strategic location among popular landmark tourist attractions of Bintan Island. Ria Bintan Golf Lodge is a luxury resort with complete facilities that make you feel at home for a long time. Facilities such as free Wi-Fi in all places, taxi service, and meeting facilities ensure that all guest needs are met. Ria Bintan Golf Lodge also has a golf course property that can be used with colleagues. There is also a spa place for relaxation and many other facilities. This resort is here to meet the needs of multipurpose accommodation for you.

5.  Loola Adventure Resort

Holidays on Bintan Island will be incomplete if you don’t stay at Loola Adventure resort, the reason is because this is one of the most luxurious and top resorts on the island. The world even recognizes the quality of the title they won at the 2015 World Travel Market event in London. In that event, Loola Adventure Resort became the Overall winner in the 2015 World Responsible Tourism Awards.

This title is certainly not a mediocre title because 12 world tourism expertises are who did the assessment. In the process, Loola Adventure Resort beat 37 other finalists from various countries. Their motto is responsible tourism, tourism that refers to the interests and viability of nature and local communities in terms of socio-culture, security, orderly, and economic benefits. Just so you know, almost all of the resort’s employees are recruited from the Bintan community.

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Robert Desauza