5 Cheapest Hotel You Can Find in Solo

 5 Cheapest Hotel You Can Find in Solo

Solo is a cultural city, famous for its Surakarta sultanate as a vacation choice for travelers. Solo is also often called the City of Batik. Of course, discussing Solo is incomplete without providing recommendations for cheap hotels in Solo so that your trip is comfortable and safe. If your budget is mediocre, there are many hotels in Solo that set low prices you can choose from. There are several cheap hotels in Solo that you can choose from below.

  • Sweet Home Hotel

Hotel Sweet Home is a favorite for backpacker travelers who vacation in Solo. This hotel is relatively cheap, fixing the room price per night, around IDR. 150,000. Even for a deluxe double room, it will only apply at a rate of around IDR. 200,000. The location is quite strategic, and if you want to go anywhere close, such as the Klewer market, Park Mall, Kasunanan Palace. With that price, you will get standard hotel facilities such as toiletries, air conditioning, WIFI.

  • Hotel Sarila Solo

Another hotel recommendation in Solo is Hotel Sarila Solo. No need to worry about staying at this hotel because it is quite cheap at around IDR. 200,000/night, which is at the Sarila Hotel. This hotel is located at Kalilarangan street 103. Sarila hotel is very strategically located, close to Klewer Market and Radya Museum Library. In addition to its strategic location, this hotel will offer various facilities like a 2-star hotel such as full AC, free WIFI, personal safe, spa room, meeting rooms, and laundry services.

  • Hotel Grand Orchid Solo

If you need a cheap hotel in Solo with facilities that are not cheap, just come to Hotel Grand Orchid. With prices starting from IDR. 280,000, you get very complete room services and facilities. Some rooms are offered, such as twin or superior doubles. This hotel is located at Gajah Mada street Number 29 Solo. The price provided above could be cheaper if you try to book it through an online hotel booking application that has collaborated. This hotel is very strategic and close to Balapan Station.

  • Griyadi Kusuma Sahid

This hotel is very strategically located in the historic tourist area, and you will stay around the Mangkunegaran Palace, a legacy of the Mataram Kingdom. This place can be reached from the hotel in just five minutes. The price rate offered starts from IDR. 200,000/night. This makes it one of the cheap hotels in Solo that you can try. You will also stay not far from the biggest market in Solo, namely the Klewer market.

In that market, you can get various souvenirs that you can get at low prices for your family. Located at Sugiyopranoto street no 8, this hotel already has complete facilities like other star hotels.

  • Griya Surya

This cheap hotel in Solo is the most suitable for backpackers with a mediocre budget. It could be that this hotel offers the cheapest price among other hotels. You can imagine, the price shown is IDR. 120,000 to IDR. 250,000. Even though it’s cheap, you can already get a comfortable room and be able to rest your body. The cheapest rooms do not have a suite bathroom because they have a shared room concept, but that is not a problem for some people. You can visit tourist attractions in Solo such as the Radyalibra Museum, Mangunan Palace, Park Mall, and others from where you stay.

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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