5 common mistakes you can make when you play rummy online.

 5 common mistakes you can make when you play rummy online.

Rummy is the most inspiring game for game lovers as it keeps them engaged with an interactive game play session. But, winning the game requires some level of skills that may be lagging for people who are new to the game. Some silly mistakes can make you lose the game in a fraction of seconds no matter how well or hard you played until then. Make sure you concentrate fully on the game to have better chances for winning Rummy.

Please read the instructions listed on the website before you proceed with the game. It is essential to be aware of the purpose of each card in using them rightly during the game. Keep your mind focusses while you play Rummy as even a small distraction can affect your chance of winning the game.

Here are some five mistakes players make while playing Rummy online.

  1. Hyper- Active

 Rummy is a game of patience and requires observing skills in discarding and picking up the cards for a win-win. When you are super excited; you tend to make hasty moves, which may reduce your chances of winning the game. This should be avoided.

  1. Overconfidence

 Confidence is important to play Rummy but overconfidence can kill the chances of winning the game. The best thing is to look into the cards once you start the game. Do not be confident enough with the wrong lot of cards in winning the game. That does not work and you would end up in a mess.

  1. Social

 Getting social with people is a good thing in online rummy sites as there is a huge scope of exchanging ideas. But, the more you use a chat feature your concentration skills drift and, the opponent gets an idea of your next move. Make it a point to use the chat option wisely and, not to use it when you play Rummy.

  1. Keeping High Cards

 It is a smart move to discard high point cards like King, Queen, and Jack at the beginning itself the moment you find you cannot make a favourable set with them. This is because if you lose the game, keeping these high cards affects your points to some extent.

  1. Using the Jokers Wrongly

Jokers are important bonus cards in the Rummy game to make a sequence of cards. If you have already formed a set and, then you get a joker then it is suggested to replace the fourth card with the joker. Sometimes, players tend to discard jokers in absence of mind, which can give chances for the opponents to win.


Rummy is a simple game that requires few strategies to be followed to make it favourable for you. Play rummy regularly to know the dos and don’ts of the game. Never give up on the game for the silly mistakes you make, as mistakes are the secret to success. Learn from your mistakes and implement them positively in the game.

Have a great learning experience with Rummy in improving your skills for winning the game.

Robert Desauza