5 important factors before buying a VPN online

 5 important factors before buying a VPN online

Thinking of signing up for a professional VPN service as part of your list of resolutions for 2021? Do you understand how they work and what benefits can they provide? Have you considered how much of your life is transmitted through the Internet in the form of social networks, photos, videos, etc.?

If this causes you concern, you are not alone. One way to protect your data and take control of how it appears online is to use Nord VPN, one of the leading virtual private network services in the world. So what are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a VPN?

Payment –

Do you know how a VPN keeps your online activities anonymous? It works like a traffic tunnel. However, a professional VPN service like Nord VPN keeps the payment method transparent using non-anonymous ways, such as accepting credit cards, bank transfer, e-wallets, etc. If you know all these information, it would be easier for you to select the best service. There must be anonymous payment options.

Safety –

You cannot fully trust a free VPN service when it comes to safety and online security. What level of encryption does your VPN provider offer? When you’re downloading online contents or if you’re a business that regularly exchanges confidential documents, you need a level of security that ensures that these things don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Privacy –

You want to consider a VPN service that does not record any personal data and to ensure users’ online privacy. You should be sure that the VPN does not store any log files on its servers. The VPN must not be part of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes network. This agreement exists between several countries through which Internet traffic is recorded. Also, does the provider keep logs or use a variety of third party services to process personal data? There are reports that many VPN providers are using data-tracking tools in their mobile applications that violate their Privacy Policy and effectively compromise user privacy.

Advertising practices –

Don’t trust a VPN that advertises itself on “shady” websites. There seems to be a huge market for third parties selling VPN subscriptions for life. Such intermediaries are better avoided. Have you ever thought why someone would trust any third party intermediaries with valuable information, such as bank details, credit card numbers, address, etc? And why does the VPN service even partner with third-party websites to offer “sales” or “lifetime subscriptions”? Avoid broker and third party websites.

Suspiciously cheap plans –         

Let us ask you a simple question – how much a professional VPN service would cost to you? For sure it would not be less than 100 dollars. We are not saying VPN providers that offers cheap rate are scammers, but it would be better to avoid those, as it could be a trap to get your details. After all, running a fast and secure network of VPN servers around the world with good apps and support is expensive and has recurring fixed costs. VPN service with “lifetime membership” under 100$ could be a bait to collect user data.

Ruth Hill