5 Things to Know about Dog Bite Cases

 5 Things to Know about Dog Bite Cases

Your dog may be your best friend. However, he may also become a monetary liability, if he bites someone. Dog bite claims account for more than a 3rd of all landowner insurance liability claims paid out. Consistent with the Insurance Information Institute, the amount of claims annually is around 15,000 to 16,000 over the last 10 years. However, the common cost per claim was over than $29,000 in 2011, a rise of 25% in the last 8 years, largely because of the increase in medical costs. Many states impose strict liability to dog owners for any damages suffered by someone because of the results of a dog bite. The most feature of the statute is that liability is assigned in spite of the dog’s former showing of vicious tendencies or the owner’s information on the dog’s harshness. We are going to talk about five things you need to know about dog bites.

  1. Who Is Liable When A Dog Bites Someone?

The first thing you need to know is that the owners are liable for dog bites. If somebody’s dog bites you or your loved one, the owner of that dog is liable for the injuries. And it is not just any type of liability, they are strictly liable for any injuries or damages caused as a result of that dog bite. If their dog adds a propensity to be vicious or dangerous and that the owner of the dog knew about it. In addition, the owner of the dog is responsible for that dog. Sometimes a landlord may be responsible for the dog if they are aware that their tenant has a dog and that dog has a vicious or dangerous propensity. Meaning they have been to the house or they have received complaints from neighbors or other people that the dog is you know attempted to take somebody or by the interacting in a vicious manner. That sometimes landlords can or a landlord can be responsible for the tenant’s dog. If again they were aware of that dog potentially had a propensity to be dangerous you.

  1. Seek Medical Treatment quickly

A big misconception many of us have is that their dog bite injury is not severe. That typically is not the case. In several cases, you can not be fully certain the dog does not have rabies. That is a condition which will not be treated gently. Even if the dog does not have a disease like rabies, the dog’s mouth will contain bacteria which will cause serious infections that may unfold quickly through your body. If you look for medical attention right way, the medical workers can shut and clean the open wound caused by the bite. This may considerably reduce the prospect for infection, and they also can administer the primary round of rabies vaccinations if necessary. You will be able to begin to determine the link between the bite and your injury and collect documentation supporting your claim.

  1. Take footage of the injury

By the time your dog bite personal injury claim is taken to court or settled, your injury can seemingly already be healed. That is why taking footage of the injury as soon as possible because it happens is very important. You would like to take care everybody realizes the complete extent of your injury, and medical records alone are unlikely to to that. Sensible footage of your dog bite injury will show the jury how serious the injury was, and help them imagine the pain it should have caused. A good image will give the jury, and your insurance claims adjuster, a good plan of how long it must have taken the injury to heal.

  1. Always Report The Bite

This is the most important issue. Generally, you recognize the dog and the owner, and you are close with them, thus you do not report about the dog bite. Otherwise, you may be thus traumatized once the bite that you do not assume to notify the police or animal management sector. No matter what the reasoning, you need to report the bite, no matter what the circumstances. In the maximum times, the owner of the dog can beg you to not report the bite and promise to get all the medical bills. Good luck holding them to their word. Telling the authorities directly permits the incident to be documented, and helps build your case. Once you have notified the authorities, an investigation can be opened to ascertain liability.

  1. Get A Good Attorney

If you or a dearest one suffered a dog bite and required costly medical treatments, then you will conjointly need a dog bite attorney to fight for your right to compensation for your losses, as well as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you have suffered a dog bite, notify Krasney Law dog bite injury lawyers. They will give you a dog bite attorney to champion your case and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Paul Watson