5 Tips to Get Your Body Beach Ready

 5 Tips to Get Your Body Beach Ready

Ask Rihanna and Eva Longoria how they get their bodies beach ready. They may say they choose the Brazilian wax to get their pubic area ready. When it comes to you, you may not like spending so many bucks on each session. Plus exposing your private parts before the salon attendant is often uncomfortable. You can, instead, try at-home, affordable, effective hair removers. 

Besides, there are many other ways to prepare your full body for the beach. So, check out these 5 tips. 

5 Ways to Prep Your Body for the Beach

  1. Exercise

Do these exercises regularly to shape your body:

  • Cardio: Do cardio for half an hour 3 days every week. It can rid you of that unwanted flab. Try walking, running, swimming, or biking. Before swimming, take care of pubic hair so that you can comfortably wear the swimsuit. For that, you can buy a bikini trimmer online and use it regularly. 
  • Resistance training: Do lunges and squats to shape your core, butt, and legs. Repeat each exercise ten times.  
  1. Eat right

Ditch rice, pasta, and bread made of white flour. They get stored in the waist and spoil a hot beach body. Instead, choose brown, whole wheat foods. Besides red meat, you can even eat white meat like chicken or fish. Also, cut down on salt to avoid belly bloating. 

  1. Hydrate 

Drink 2-3 litres of water every day. Sip slowly. Then the water you drink hits the bloodstream, not the liver. Enough circulation in your connective tissue will ensure that the fat cells and waste deposits reduce. So, the body bumps will seem less bulgy. 

  1. Depilate

Time to buy at-home hair removers like a full body waxing kit or electric bikini trimmer online. A beach look is an exposed one. So, use the following hair removal products to ensure that the arms, underarms, legs, and bikini line are hair-free:

  • Ready-to-use wax strips: Cut them into desired lengths to cover body curves. Use each strip 3-4 times to uproot all unwanted hair. Apply a strip along the hair growth direction, wait and pull the opposite way. You’ll get long-lasting silky-smooth skin for up to 4 weeks without prickly stubble of ingrown hairs. Thus, you can more comfortably rock the beach look! 
  • Body hair removal cream: Depilate close to hair roots with the spatula along the hair growth direction after applying the cream against it. 
  • Sensitive touch electric trimmer: Its blades never touch or injure the skin! The device perfectly trims or shapes the bikini line, arms, and underarms to make the beach look perfect! 
  1. Moisturize

Hairless skin is more exposed to the sun to get dehydrated. Thankfully, the best wax strips and hair removal cream moisturize sensitive, dry, and normal skin with almond oil, shea butter, and lotus milk. After using them, you can still apply a good moisturizer for further skin hydration. 

As the final tip, apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more for sun protection. If you use the best hair removal cream or wax strips, you’ll smell of jasmine, lily, berries, or lotus flower instead of sweat under the sun on the beach!  


Ruth Hill