8 Intriguing Gadgets for Smaller Homes

 8 Intriguing Gadgets for Smaller Homes

Just because you live in a tiny apartment does not mean that you cannot enjoy the luxuries that technology has to offer. A smart home and a convenient life is not only for those who live huge  mansions. There are still some pretty phenomenal gadgets in the market that are perfect for small spaces.

We have gathered a list of some of the best gadgets that tech manufacturers have to offer. From indoor gardens to virtual assistants to smart beds even, this list has it all. So, start reading to find out about all the amazing gadgets that are perfect for small apartments.

Google Home Mini

Virtual assistants are all the hype these days. From controlling the atmosphere in your apartment to playing the latest tunes, there is very little that they cannot do. Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that is capable of all such possibilities.

It comes with a preinstalled Google Assistant, so that you have someone to command always by your side. Apart from performing the usual tasks such as creating to-do lists, controlling your gadgets, this mini speaker is a great entertainment package.


A tablet is an excellent alternative for a TV in a small apartment. Rather than stuffing a TV screen in your apartment and cramping up space, you can enjoy your activities on a compact tablet. But the problem begins when you have to hold on to the tablet for long hours at all kinds of different angles.

The Tablift frees you of the need to hold the tablet while you are comfy in bed or any other place. It is a patented design that is capable of keeping almost any tablet stable on even the most uneven surface. Now you can binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix without your palms and fingers getting soar. And if you wish to enjoy your favorite cable TV channels on your tablet, you can do so, as services such as Suddenlink TV offer dedicated apps for your enjoyment. You can check further details about such cable TV providers on BuyTVInternetPhone.

OGarden Smart

You might be disheartened because a small apartment does not allow you to have a garden. Thanks to the OGarden Smart, you can now have a contained garden system inside the smallest of spaces.

 OGarden Smart is the future of gardening. In this technological garden, you can grow all fruits and vegetables you want. It has the capacity of growing up to 90 different plants at the same time. All have to worry about is watering the plants, and OGarden will take care of the rest.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a must-have for every home. In order to stay safe from unwanted visitors at your door, you need a smart doorbell to help you out. This video doorbell works on the latest IoT principles, making your home the safest it can be.

This small doorbell displays 1080p video, and also comes with  a speaker and a microphone. You can easily access the doorbell with the Ring smartphone app, and answer your door from your smartphone.

Sleep Number 360® i10 Smart Bed

You may simply be living in a small apartment because you like it and not because you cannot afford a bigger one. If that is the case, then you will definitely love the Sleep Number 360® i10 Smart Bed. Equipped with the comfiest mattress, this bed is a tech fanatic’s heaven.

The bed comes with several amazing features such as sleep tracking, temperature control, height adjustment, and much more. You can make all your customizations with the help of the Sleep Number smartphone app. No longer you have to sleep on a bed that is too cold or too warm, i10 Smart Bed has got you covered.

Amazon Dash Button

 Amazon Dash is a magic device that allows you to stock up on your groceries, medicines, and other necessities with a push of a button. You have to pair the Dash button with a selected item at the time of setup on the Amazon smartphone app and press the button to order the item in the future. All you need to do is stay connected to the internet and worry about nothing more. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, then the benefits are even better.

Wemo® Insight Smart Plug

If you are on a tight budget, then you would want to ensure as much savings as possible. So, when you realize you have left a light or an appliance running, you would stay worried constantly.

Wemo® Insight Smart Plug comes to your rescue in this matter. Wemo® Insight is an IoT-based smart plug that gives you total control over all the lights and appliances in your home. As long as they are connected with this smart plug, you can access them remotely with the help of the Wemo® smartphone app or even through virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

ILife V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

When you are living in a small apartment, you want to save every inch of space possible. As a result, you compromise on those humungous vacuum cleaners because they take up a lot of space. ILife V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is what you need.

This 2-in1 mini robot is capable of vacuuming and mopping your apartment floors seamlessly. It comes with the i-Move: Navigational Intelligence feature that enables to automatically navigate through the apartment without any supervision.

The i-Dropping: Smart Mopping system allows it to have complete control over the water usage during mopping, thus preventing any damage to the floors or cables. Its RoadRover wheels allow it to move from one surface to another without breaking a sweat.

On a Final Note

This is the age of technology and we do not want you missing out on any of it simply because you do not live in a huge condo. We are confident that the list of gadgets mentioned above will add significant ease and comfort to your already cozy lives.

Ruth Hill