The Commuters’ Challenges and How Maxicab in Singapore Can Help

 The Commuters’ Challenges and How Maxicab in Singapore Can Help

Daily commute remains a struggle for lots of working adults who rely on public transportation to go to their respective workplace. Transportation is much more complicated for people whose nature of work involves moving around Singapore. 

Despite many options for public transportation, like bus and train, taxis and maxi cabservicesin Singapore remain the most preferred modes of transport concerning the comfort and convenience categories. However, there are still few faults in the system. 

Learn more about the daily challenges commuters face every day, and between street hailed taxis and maxicab in Singapore is a better transport option. 

The 5 Public Transport Challenges Commuters Face Every Day

For some reason, there are still people in Singapore who prefer to take public transport despite its occasional inconveniences rather than owning a car. Apart from brand new vehicles being expensive, people also have to consider the maintenance and petrol cost. 

Additional private automobiles on the road also worsen traffic congestion on main highways. It is not an environmentally-friendly option as well. That is why there are still people who choose to endure issues with public transportation.

Traffic Congestion

Not only Singapore, but most countries around the world as well, face one of the biggest challenges of public transportation– traffic congestion. The economy loses millions of dollars a year due to everyday traffic

A single accident can cause major traffic flow disruption. To counter the growing number of vehicles hitting the road, which is also a root cause of traffic congestion, government agencies provide high-capacity transport options like buses and trains for commuters.

However, the road-sharing mode of transport jeopardises the comfort of commuters. That is why there are still commuters who prefer street-hailed taxis andmaxi cab services in Singapore.

Taxis andmaxi cab servicesprovide comfort to the passengers at the same time, avoiding traffic congestion on the main roads by taking efficient alternate routes. However, unlike trains and buses, the fare price in a taxi or anSG maxi cab is much higher. 

Transport Efficiency 

Transportation agencies around the world are still looking for ways and solutions to make public transport as efficient as ever. Most high-capacity road transport systems rely on electricity, including trains and subways. 

One major power outage or interruption can paralyse the entire system, affecting hundreds and even thousands of passengers. 

On the other hand, the weather also affects several modes of transport, including river taxis. One of the challenges is to make the current transport system efficient despite potential disruption.

Technology integration has been seen as one of the solutions to improve the efficiency of transportation.Maxicab services in Singapore now use websites and smartphone applications for easy travel booking, minimising congestion in taxi stands and train platforms. 

Mobile applications that give a real-time update on the road situation advise drivers to choose a more efficient route to take. Apart from road situations, some mobile applications also provide notification on train journey delays or cancellations. 


Maintaining security and order in the main transport systems remains a challenge for many governments. Crimes including robbery, pickpocketing, assault, and even sexual harassment happen on the streets. Most victims are usually commuters going to or from work. 

Many people choose to maxicab services in Singaporeto avoid these street crimes. An SG maxi cabprovides comfort and privacy, giving a sense of security to the passenger.

Sneaking of prohibited weapons inside the train station is also part of the security problem. There are also passengers who skip paying the right amount of fare on buses and in taxis. 

Many transportation agencies have used modern technology to prevent fare evasion and detect illicit items upon security checking. 

Customer Comfort and Experience

A fast, safe, and comfortable travel experience is what commuters wish to have every day. Technology and engineering are the keys to achieving these expectations. 

Many countries are attempting to build fast and reliable bullet trains that can travel a hundred-kilometre distance in less than an hour. The most evident technology integration in transportation is the existence of private hire cars like the SG maxi cab. Apart from online booking, amaxicab SGuses an automated fare metre using an application. The payment is now cashless as well using online banking, e-wallet, and credit and debit cards. They also use QR code technology for cashless transactions.

Real-time geolocation technology provides passengers information about their current location, the nearest establishments, and the mode of transport available. 

Environmental Impact

Although high-capacity transport systems such as buses, trains, and trams minimise the environmental impact of transportation by reducing the number of cars on the roads, the old transport systems themselves still contribute to carbon emission. 

Many countries today are reducing their annual carbon emission by using solar-powered or electric-powered vehicles. Others promote riding bicycles and walking on the way to work. There are few who call for four-day work duty and work-from-home setup to eliminate carbon emission through transportation completely. 

Taxi vs Maxi Cab: Advantages and Disadvantages


One of the preferred modes of transport alternative to buses and trains is the taxi. Like the maxicab in SG, street-hail taxis are quite popular with people who want comfortable and efficient travel in Singapore. However, both maxi cabs and taxis still have their flaws. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of street-hail taxis and maxi cabs in Singapore:


Compared to buses and trains, a taxi is highly convenient when you are in a rush or want to avoid traffic. Taxis andmaxicabservices inSingaporedo not follow routes religiously, unlike bus and train. They can reach places that buses and trains do not cover.

There are also taxi stands near crowded places, including airports, hotels, malls, tourist spots, schools, and hospitals. It can also be the drawback of the street-hail taxi. Compared to a maxicab SG, which can pick you up at any location, you have to head to a taxi stand to ride one. 

Most taxis have not adopted technology in their systems as well. They use metres to determine the total fare amount at the end of the journey. Although there are few, the majority of taxi drivers prefer accepting cash payment. 

On the other hand, you can book anSG maxi cab through an app or website. You can cancel your booking as well, depending on the agreement with the maxi cab company of your choice. 

Most maxicab services inSingapore accept online banking payment, e-wallet, and credit and debit cards for cashless transactions. 


It was mentioned earlier that taxis are much better than buses and trains when it comes to reaching places. Like an SG maxi cab, a taxi can go to specific areas and use alternative and efficient routes for faster travel time. Taxis can drop you off at a particular location.

However, there are situations where the passenger needs to discuss the destination with the driver before getting a ride. Some drivers refuse some passengers, especially those needed to be dropped off in a traffic-congested location. Taxi and maxicab SG drivers are highly knowledgeable of the routes, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Apart from some negotiation, taxis follow a one-journey drive rule, meaning multiple stops along the journey are not quite welcome.

Maxi cabs allow specific pick up and drop off points; no taxi stand required. Amaxicab SGalso allows multiple stops along the journey. 


Taxi operators in Singapore make sure their drivers have licences, know and abide by road and traffic laws, are highly knowledgeable about the routes around Singapore and are fit to drive at all times.

Taxi cars are also maintained regularly, from the engines to exteriors like the tires, headlights, hazard and signal lights, down to the interiors, including the couch and ventilation.

On the other hand,maxicab services in Singapore provide another layer of safety and protection to passengers. Upon booking, maxi cab companies give details regarding their drivers and chauffeurs. It makes tracking and reporting easier on the end of the passenger in case there are driving misbehaviours. 

The vehicles are well-maintained as well as fit for road use, be it a short or long journey. 


Taxis and maxi cabs maintain the cleanliness of their vehicles, so comfort is not the problem. Furthermore, it is not rare to encounter taxis with older car models. However, if you are looking for extra features in the car, amaxicab in Singaporeis your best choice.

Maxicab servicesand companiesin Singaporeprovide different vehicles depending on the brand and model. Luxurious cars like limousines usually have extra features inside the automobile like LED TV, limo bar, and excellent sound system, which ordinary taxis lack.

On the other hand, most maxi cabs also provide a wheelchair for physically challenged passengers. Their cars have simple tools and utilities to accommodate wheelchairs. 

Car Model

Most taxis use four-seater cars like Toyota Crown, Nissan Cedric, Honda Airwave, and Volkswagen Touran. The only limitation of taxi vehicles is they cannot accommodate more than five passengers. 

Taxis are far better for single passengers who want comfortable travel than moving around via bus and train.

On the other hand, SG maxi cab servicesprovide car models that can carry more than five passengers. They offer minibuses and vans from Toyota and Alphard and other high-capacity luxury cars like limousines. These cars usually accommodate seven to thirteen passengers, perfect for group tours. Luggage can be included or excluded in the count. 


Taxis use a fare metre based on the distance travelled by the vehicle. Fare metres have flag down rates; every kilometre outside the maximum distance for the flag down rate adds charges. 

There are situations where surcharges happen during peak and rush hours.

Meanwhile, maxicab services in Singapore usually use three charging systems. They could offer an hourly rate, half-day rent, and whole-day rent. Surcharges may be applied as well in several circumstances.

How To Choose The Best Maxi Cab Services In Singapore


Booking an SG maxi cab is as easy as one, two, and three; however, finding a reputablemaxicab service in Singapore is quite difficult. There are lots of things you need to check and consider. Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing amaxicab service in Singapore: 

Check the Reputation and Registration of the Company

Registered maxicab service providers in Singapore assure to provide primer service, well-maintained cars, qualified drivers and chauffeurs, and transparent billing.

It is against Singapore law to operate maxicab services without licence and registration. There are rogue operators you can find on the internet, and your role, as a client, is to look for their registration. You can ask the site’s customer service regarding this or look for their records at the government’s respective regulatory body.

Check The Drivers and Chauffeurs

SomeSG maxi cabservices post on their websites the necessary details and descriptions of their drivers, like their driving experiences, name, and age.

Like going through job applicants, read their resume carefully to be able to choose the right driver for you. 

Knowing the identity of the driver provides extra protection for the passenger as well. 

Compare The Prices

It was mentioned earlier that the price for each maxicab SGservice varies depending on the charging system, the brand of the car, vehicle model, type of service, and applicable surcharge. 

Before confirming your booking, try comparing the initial cost of service you want to get from different maxi cab service providers. By doing so, you can get the best maxi cab service deal.

Determine Your Needs

The last and most vital factor you should consider is your need. Are you travelling in groups? Maybe you need a 13-seaterSG maxi cab. Limousine service from the maxi cab is perfect for VIP guests and business partners. Minibuses are ideal for airport pick-ups to accommodate luggage. 

A whole-day maxi cab hire is perfect for road trips and multiple-stop journeys in Singapore.

MAXICABS.SG provides safe, convenient, comfortable, and high-quality maxi cab and limousine service in Singapore. With just a single click, you can travel around Singapore efficiently and comfortably at an affordable price. Visit MAXICABS.SG today.

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