6 Budget Gift Ideas 2021

 6 Budget Gift Ideas 2021

When most people browse through their photo albums in any given year, there’s a good chance that they’ll spot a number of notable occasions that are worthy of celebrating with a gift. If your present shopping list for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other memorable events, extends beyond close family and friends you’re going to need a big budget to cover all of the expenses.

If you want to reduce the overall cost of present buying in 2021, and every year after, it’s a good idea to shop smart for budget gifts that the lucky recipients will love.

  1. The Budget Friendly Birthday Gift

Everyone loves to receive gifts from loved ones, especially on their birthday. If you have a large family and plenty of friends, you could easily be shelling out a small fortune in purchasing gifts for birthdays alone.

If you’re open to exploring your creative and artistic talents, it’s possible to find unique and affordable gifts that are one-of-a-kind for a friend, family member or work colleague. Instead of buying the latest must-have trend item, or a generic gift with no special meaning, you can show your appreciation with a homemade gift.

There’s a profusion of DIY craft tutorials online that teach you everything you need to know to make a cute and handy tote, a homemade aromatherapy heating pad, chic tea towels, and tons of other great ideas that will save you money.

  1. Affordable Personalised Gifts

Special occasions that are worth photographing and preserving in the pages of luxury photo albums deserve gifts that are more personal. If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or retirement, you can comfortably stick to your budget by customising a pre-made item.

Photo gifts that are practical are perfect for giving to family and friends of all ages. You can easily transform glass candle holders of any size into beautiful glowing luminaries that will be frequently used, admired and treasured.

You’ll need a glass candle filled holder of your choice, and DIY packing tape transfers, and the laser printed or toner copier photos or motif that you want to display on your gift. Cut the image to fit, and cover with the packing tape. Smooth out any air bubbles by rubbing hard. Place the transfer in a bowl of warm water until the backing is ready to peel off. Rub off all the paper, and lie the image flat. Place the photo transfer on the candle holder and leave to dry. You’ll end up with a stylish personalised trinket that everyone will want.

  1. Fabulous Foodie Treats

Food makes the perfect gift for those ‘just because’ moments. While it’s super easy to shop for gourmet treats to gift, taking a little time to make your own care package is much nicer. It’s easy to package up homemade soup mix in a jar, or to provide all the required ingredients in cookie and hot cocoa mixes. 

You can also handcraft delicious chocolate truffles and biscuits to present in chic gift boxes.

  1. Heavenly Beauty Treatment Gifts

If you have a best friend who always loves to look their best for snaps that are displayed in photo albums you can’t go wrong with a budget gift that is also a luxurious beauty treatment.

A sweet smelling hand, face or body scrub is a lovely gift idea at any time of the year. You can make your own signature scented toiletries by customising essential beauty basics, like unscented body lotions and bath salts. Add your favourite blend of essential oils to create a personal budget-friendly gift that makes the recipient feel pampered and adored.

  1. Budget Gifts For Kids

The reason why children who have everything they want tend to tire of the latest gift is because having yet more new stuff, gifted on their birthday or Christmas, makes them quickly adapt to the newness, and so they lose interest. Spending money on a present that will grab their attention for all of five minutes is therefore best avoided.

While kids will obviously desire the latest trends, it’s important to teach them the value of money by exposing them to gifts that are also memorable experiences. Build memories a child will treasure for life by gifting them a new experience – send them a fun kit box that contains items they can use for arts and crafts, or science or nature based activities. You can also include a book on the topic, and other treats, along with a personalised flyer that describes how to use the fun kit.

  1. The Best Every Occasion Gift

Any event that brings people together and is celebrated is worthy of being captured in photographs that can be viewed time and time again. The best gifts for any type of occasion, and for anyone you know, are practical and versatile photo albums that preserve the happiest of fond memories.

If you’re gifting a luxury photo book to a friend as a birthday present, it’s a lovely idea to get the collection started by adding a few of your favourite snaps, of happy days you spent together. A photo album that is filled with photos of your extended family is a great thoughtful and meaningful gift that parents, or grandparents, will treasure and pass down through generations.

You can also curate photographs that are themed and present them in a unique scrapbook style photo book, that is complete with your favourite snaps, captions, comments, anecdotes and decorative embellishments.

Robert Desauza