A Simple Guide to Cleaning a New Home Before You Move in

 A Simple Guide to Cleaning a New Home Before You Move in

A new house presents a wide range of fascinating possibilities; an uncluttered space, bare walls, and much more. In fact, you can view it as a blank canvas upon which you need to make yourself a living space of your own choice.

However, before you start moving items in and customizing it to match your preferred appearance, you need to take some time to clean it and make it feel like it is really yours. Whether you are renting or buying, pre-move in cleaning is critical.

Keep in mind that the people who lived there before you, no matter how well-mannered, inevitably left behind some dirt, dust, or grime that you need to take care of before moving in. 

Here are some simple tips on how to clean your new home before you move in.


  • One room at a time


It is always good to be systematic while cleaning your house- whether it is pre-move in or post-move in.  Stick to a methodological approach and clean one room at a time. 

You can start at the entryway and move around clockwise. Always clean your rooms left to right and top to bottom so that dust, dirt, and other debris that falls to the floor is swept or vacuumed at the end of your cleaning. 


  • Pay close attention to the kitchen


Your kitchen remains the most important part of your house. Therefore, you need to do a thorough job here. Clean all kitchen cabinets by dusting and wiping them with a soft piece of cloth. Don’t forget to dust the cabinet tops as well.

For the oven, carefully remove the racks and place them in a sink full of soapy water. Clean them thoroughly with the help of an oven cleaner and let them dry before putting them back. You should also scrub the oven using a paste of vinegar and baking soda to get it clean.

It is safe to use steel wool to clean the sinks or use a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Once you have removed the stains, use a solution of water and lemon juice to make your sink shine.

From there, move to the countertops and finish with the refrigerator. In case you feel overwhelmed, be sure to seek professional help from a Montreal residential cleaning company. The experts can do the cleaning while you focus on something else.


  • Don’t forget the bathroom


Treat the bathroom uniquely because it is one of the germ-filled spots in your house.  Replacing the toilet seat and cover can be a good way of starting life in your new home since toilet seats are relatively cheap to install.

Once you have replaced the toilet seat and cover, clean behind the toilet. Also, pull the sink away and be sure to clean its rear end as well. 

Clean and disinfect the shelves and spend some time cleaning inside of the bathtub and other hard-to-reach places such as the grout, shower door, and showerhead.


  • Finish up with the floors


When it comes to cleaning the floor, consider renting or buying a steam cleaner or hire a professional cleaner from a Montreal residential cleaning company to steam clean the floor for you. 

Steam cleaning helps to remove tough stains and provides a deep clean that you cannot achieve with conventional cleaning methods.

However, do not steam clean hardwood floors that haven’t been appropriately sealed since water could easily seep in and damage the floor.

Ruth Hill