About OBI Belts and Kimono Sash, Cost, Types, and Designs

 About OBI Belts and Kimono Sash, Cost, Types, and Designs

Kimono outfits are very much in fashion and a kimono outfit is incomplete without a kimono belt. Kimono outfits are more of like a fashion statement. One of the most important things that are needed with the Kimono outfit is the OBI Kimono belt. Wearing the same Kimono outfit with a different OBI belt can give a totally different impression. An OBI belt is a long decorative belt with different colors of floral prints and other prints that are wrapped around the Japanese Kimono or Yukata suits. The OBI belt has no fastening and it has a tied bow and an appealing knot at the backside.

Shop Kimono Sash Online

You can shop beautiful and colorful kimono sash online. The OBI is made of several materials. You can also get an OBI of cotton and linen. The formal Kimono sashes are made of silk these days, but one of the most popular ones is polyester. One of the reasons why polyester is so popular is because it is easy to tie the kimono sash made from polyester and to take care of. If you want a fancy OBI you can even get that in the online stores or market, but you should know that for fancy OBI the fabric that is used is an expensive one.

Silk OBI is Costly

You should also not use the OBI that is made of silk, because there are chances for the knots to open if not pinned properly, also it can slip. But there are many people who use silk OBI belts and they also look good. Apart from that an OBI made from brocade and also of silk will cost you sometimes more than what the kimono suit costs. These days fashion stylists have started creating kimono belts of leather, plastic, denim and lace, and so on. So, you can even get those fashionable OBI belts too. Check online.

Tying an OBI

Tying a kimono belt is very simple. But if you look in the market you will even get kimono sash belts that already have a knot and a bow in them, all you need to do is simply wrap it around your abdomen and fix it. An OBI can be tied on either the front or the backside; it depends where you want the knot to be. Earlier there was a fashion when the OBI was tied at the backside, i.e. the bow or the knot came on the backside. But these days, there are some quirky fashion techniques, according to which bows can be tied in the front also,

Different Kinds of OBI, Designs, and Accessories

There are different kinds of OBI that you will get online or in the market. Some of the popular OBI are Maru OBI, Fukuro OBI, Hanhaba OBI, Nagoya OBI, Heko OBI (that looks like a bow), and Kaku OBI (that is worn by men). Several infinite patterns of OBI that are available like floral prints, geometric designs, animal prints, animal prints with positive symbols, etc. and many more are there. OBI also has accessories that you can tie with the OBI they are like Obidome, Obijime, Obiage.

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