Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Beneficial for Optical Health?

 Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Beneficial for Optical Health?

Thanks to the massive amount of time that we humans spend glued to computers, televisions and phone screens, there is rising interest in tools to lessen the effects of the blue light they emit. But are they really necessary and do they actually have any optical benefits? Let’s see.

Blue Light is Everywhere

The sun is a source of blue light waves as are light bulbs along with many artificial devices that we adore using daily. So, there’s no reason to consider blue light ‘harmful’ on an intrinsic level.

However, blue light is believed to help one stay alert and to boost mood, so too much of it could result in some undesirable symptoms.

Potential Effects of Blue Light Waves

Looking at a screen for too long (or anything for that matter) can result in eye strain and headaches, but blue light might increase such symptoms. Science offers strong support that blue light can disrupt the sleep cycle, but some individuals use this to their advantage.

So, are Blue Light Blocking Glasses for You?

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses might be a solid investment for relief.

Also called ‘computer glasses,’ your eye care professional should be consulted even if you have perfect vision, because some side effects can be a sign of an underlying condition.

Don’t Risk Optical Health

There are numerous options and styles to choose from, just like with traditional eyewear. Your current prescription is likely available in blue-light blocking lenses, so ask your optical care provider for guidance before investing in a pair. If you have trouble sleeping or have severe eye strain, call your doctor today.


Danny White