Best Culinary Recommendation in Bunaken Island, Indonesia

 Best Culinary Recommendation in Bunaken Island, Indonesia

Bunaken Islands is situated in the island of Sulawesi’s edge in Manado serves broad kinds of Indonesian cuisine and contrasts the tourists and travellers with their food. Here’s a listing of the restaurants at Bunaken Island.

Indonesian Cuisines are toothsome. Kinds of recipes are mouth-watering. Are you planning to visit Bunaken islands in Indonesia? You don’t need to be concerned about what to consume and where to eat. Into trying the staple food with local spices from the dining experience, this food may take you on a food journey. Here is a list of the best culinary recommendation places to visit in Bunaken island.

Coto Makassar Daeng

Coto Makassar Daeng is the place to go to if you love beef. This restaurant is open 24/7, and it is one of the restaurants on the island. Iga Bakar and Coto Makassar are should-try foods. You get food at a very minimal price. Coto Makassar prepared here tastes similar to the one that you get in Makassar’s flavour. This is only one of the best places in Bunaken Island to have breakfast.

Tao Yuan Restaurant

If you’re craving for some authentic meals, Tao Yuan Restaurant is among the most fabulous Chinese food restaurants in Indonesia. Exotic restaurants’ menus are written in Bahasa Indonesia. Considering that Indonesia is a tourist place, the menu is also in English making travellers’ easier to decide. Food items like Char Siu ribs with honey, roasted Peking duck are a must.

Jantung Hati – Yit Hien

Jantung Hati – Yit Hien is currently among the oldest restaurants in Manado that has a record of 5 decades. Their chefs are specialists in cuisine. Fried Kway Teow, hong lo mein, pork buns will be the. People appreciate the amount of food. This is only one of the most significant places to eat from the island.

Raja Sate Restaurant

Raja Sate Restaurant is one of the best restaurants where staff are trained to talk in English. It is an open-air restaurant which has an ambience. A renowned place to try satay. They have everything an Indonesian restaurant menu may have. Sour fish soup, grilled fish and squid, grilled lobsters, chicken steak, shredded tuna are must-try foods in Raja Sate Restaurant.

Kelapo 17 Resto

Kelapo 17 Resto is suggested if you are trying to dine in a beachfront restaurant. It’s one of the best places to eat during the night on the island. Among the longest Ragey (pork satay) is served here. They function varieties of sandwich meals. Apart from Ragey, pork ribs, rusuk bakar jumbo (BBQ ribs), pork knuckle, soto rusuk are the must-try meals in Kelapo 17 Resto. This area gets more attention from the customers for the food they serve at a fair price.

Time Out Game Cafe

Time Out Game Cafe is the sports city in Manado city. Because it is on the 5th floor, it gives the best views of the town. Relish your meals enjoying the breeze during sunset, extend your legs and the most beautiful place to wear your shades. Tuna and coffee beef is most loved from the Time Out Game Cafe. Indeed, this is one of the favourite restaurants on the islands.

Rumah Makan Raja Oci

Rumah Makan Raja Oci is one of the next restaurants in Indonesia to try fish named ‘Oci’. You receive all sorts of seafood at a reasonable price. Grilled Oci, sour garoupa fish soup, Fried Oci is essential to try meals. Fish with local spices would be the bargain you get here. This is only one of the unique restaurants on the island.

Rumah Makan Nasi Kuning Saroja

Rumah Makan Nasi Kuning Saroja Manado is the ideal place to try the cuisine of the island. Nasi Kuning Saroja is one of the authentic foods of Manado. This rice with chilli, fish, egg and meat sauce is super yummy and makes you wish more and more. If you are planning to take it off, then they wrap it in Woka, a palm leaf. It’s one of the special foods in Indonesian restaurants.

Green Garden Restaurant

Green Garden Restaurant is situated in the primary city of Manado. If you love dining, this must be your pick. Fried bananas- a particular item of Manado is available here. Oci bakar, pork belly, roasted chicken, fried squid should try the food. This is only one of the most excellent places to eat from Bunaken Island.

Deep Sea Tuna House Cafe & Resto

If you love the dining experience and in the mood for some new Tuna, Deep Sea Tuna House cafe & Resto is an essential visit place. It’s found at a road across the shore from inside. Your tastebuds will be activated by Tuna cooked in delicious Indonesian spices. All kinds of lettuce dishes are all served.

MM or Makan Minahasa

MM stands for ‘Makan Minahasa’. If you want to experience some offbeat dining experience and are looking for Minahasa cuisine that is authentic, this should be your pick. Roasted pork, spicy Roasted Skipjack Fish, have to try the food. You receive the right amount of food at a low price and a palatable taste.

Food of Indonesian cuisine makes your vacation better. Exotic restaurants’ menus offer options that are vast to you. It is thought that a happy mood comes from hearty food. Bunaken island will never disappoint you in terms of food and also the glorious views of the isles. Enjoy your visit into the fullest!

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