Best GMAT Preparation Books You Can Refer To

 Best GMAT Preparation Books You Can Refer To

If you are planning to prepare for the GMAT exam, it’s essential you have the right resources and what better than GMAT preparation books. Hence, we have come up with a list of GMAT books to help you with your preparation. 

Books to Ace Your GMAT Exam:

The Critical Reasoning Bible by PowerScore

The GMAT preparation book by PowerScore called the Critical Reasoning Bible is highly recommended. It covers all the strategies from A to Z about different critical reasoning questions. It also provides necessary explanations to solve the reasoning questions faster than usual. 

It is a must-have for those who consider themselves weak at critical reasoning. The books make understanding all the basic concepts of reasoning easy, and it is with all your time to score high in the Integral reasoning section. Also, the book compactly packs all the mini-drills and theories together for you to get a solid base around Integral Reasoning. 

GMAT Official Guide 2021

The Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC offers an official guide for GMAT aspirants known as the GMAT Official Guide 2021. It has questions at all levels of difficulty, such as easy, medium, and hard. A brand new feature that this book includes is flashcards. The total number of flashcards that come is 163. 

These online flashcards are there to help you prepare better and assess how much you have learned about each concept. The book was first released in April 2020, and it contains 92 additional questions in comparison to the Official Guide 2020. It offers a total of 174 additional questions as a part of its online question bank. Most of the online questions are from the Integral Reasoning section.

Jeff Sackmann’s Total GMAT Math

The Total GMAT Math by Jeff Sackmann is a must for you if you are someone who needs to brush up on their math skills. It is a huge help if you want to gradually build up and strengthen your mathematical knowledge and skills. A little bit of basic mathematics knowledge will help you get through this book, as it covers all the essential topics extensively for your benefit. 

This book provides the easiest ways you can get an idea about all the topics without having to repeat the basics over and over. The only thing you need to do is get a firm grasp on your basic maths knowledge to obtain the best results and score well on the GMAT exam.

Verbal Trilogy Bible by PowerScore

The Verbal Trilogy Bible by the PowerScore is a pack that consists of three verbal books for GMAT, including- Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension. Although it does not contain practice questions, it contains explanations and concept files with detailed explanations. 

The trilogy is a perfect guide for those who consider themselves weak in the verbal section and need a bit of direction in it. Aspirants can either get the pack of books or order them individually according to their requirements. 

GMAT for Dummies

GMAT for dummies is a book that especially pays attention to detail test-taking strategies. You need to plan and strategise for your test well to score high in the GMAT exam. The book is all about helping an individual through their plan for timing, guesswork, the process of elimination, et cetera, and other skills that are required to perform well in a limited time-frame. 

It also comes with special features such as flashcards and a CD with seven computerised practice tests. As you can see, it is the perfect guide with which you can get closer to your getting into your dream B-School. 

Practice makes perfect, and hence, regular and timed practice tests are required to prepare for the GMAT. After garnering all the knowledge and skills from the books that are mentioned in the list above, you need to keep taking the practice tests. Some of these books come with practice tests, and as a result, conducting timed tests at home should be easy for you.

Ruth Hill