Offload Your Scooter’s Battery Bookkeeping

 Offload Your Scooter’s Battery Bookkeeping

If you have an electric scooter, you know the freedom and adventure it can bring. Scooters are fast, easy to maneuver through crowded streets and far less of a hassle to park than a car. A fully charged scooter is like a set of urban wings. Run out of battery, though, and your urban wings become a four-wheeled sidewalk anchor. That’s why, though you may not think of it often, the charger for electric scooter is essential to getting the most out of your ride.

Standard electric scooter chargers do the job of recharging your scooter’s battery, but to do it well they need some help from you. You need to keep an eye on your battery’s charge and do a little planning to make sure you’re fully charged (but not overcharged) before you start your ride.

Adding a smart socket to that equation can simplify matters for you, letting you focus on your ride and not your battery. A smart socket handles the planning, plugging and unplugging for you. When you plug your scooter into a smart socket, your battery starts to recharge, just like you’re used to. As soon as your battery reaches full charge, though, the story changes.

Fully Charged When You Need It

When the smart socket detects that your scooter’s battery has reached full charge, it automatically reduces the amount of current it sends to the battery. For as long as the scooter is plugged in, the smart socket continues to monitor the battery, providing just enough current to keep it at maximum charge. Whenever you grab your scooter, it’s ready to go. You don’t need to worry about setting out with an undercharged battery and ending up stranded halfway to your destination.

Always On But Always Safe

With a smart socket, you also don’t need to worry about overcharging your battery by leaving it plugged in for too long. Overcharging can reduce the lifespan of your battery, damage it or even risk a fire. A smart socket never gives your battery more than it can handle and will even shut down if it detects a battery fault.

Efficient and Economical

Another advantage of a smart socket is that it uses only the energy needed to keep your scooter’s battery at full charge. That means you never waste energy (and money) trying to charge a full battery, also known as phantom load or vampire power. Even though you can leave your scooter plugged in all the time with a smart socket, you’ll generally be drawing very little energy, and your power bills will reflect this.

A smart socket can also help your battery last longer if it’s a model using lead-acid chemistry. The best way to maximize the life of a lead-acid battery is to store it in a fully charged state. This can mean frequently checking your battery’s discharge state, topping it off as necessary and then checking it while it’s charging to avoid leaving it plugged in for too long. A smart socket handles that for you, keeping the battery in an ideal state of charge for as long as you need and making sure it lasts as long as possible.

Environmentally Friendly

Because a smart socket uses only as much energy as it needs, you don’t waste energy and needlessly contribute to pollution. In addition, because a smart socket can help extend your battery’s life, you won’t incur the environmental costs of buying a new one or recycling the old one as often. It’s the happy case where convenience and environmental responsibility coincide.

A smart socket is like a silent pit crew for your scooter’s battery, helping out on many fronts at once: keeping your charge at just the right level, improving your safety and reducing your costs and environmental impact. It can be just the thing to help you realize your scooter’s full potential.

Clare Louise