Cat parents know these things better!

 Cat parents know these things better!

Kittens have many qualities that we all know and love; they’re adorable, cuddly, and extremely judgmental, much like your best friend. However, there are some aspects of cats that only cat owners fully comprehend. Some of those elements are adorable, while others are repulsive. These combine to provide the delight of cat ownership… or something like that.

Cat hair

Struggling to keep your clothing free of cat hair is no longer worth the effort. You just quit caring after so many efforts at lint rolling, getting special vacuum attachments, and avoiding dark-coloured clothing. Anyway, when your clothing is covered with your cat’s hair, it’s almost like you’re carrying your cat about with you, which is kind of nice, isn’t it?


If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that cats will knock anything off any surface. Do you want to create a beautiful vignette while at your coffee table? Nope, your cat will put an end to all of your home design fantasies. Do you want to put some fresh flowers on the kitchen counter? Consider it again. Have you left your iPhone dangerously close to the counter’s edge? I hope you purchased device insurance.


Whether you choose the cheapest brand or the softest toilet paper available, you know it’s critical to hide your toilet paper from your cat if you don’t want to be stuck on the toilet without it. Do you believe your cat understands what it’s doing and simply enjoys watching you struggle? You even spend a lot of time struggling and comparing the insurances you tend to afford. But, trust me, buying cat insurance can keep you from stressing about all those major medical expenses. And the little ones too. People do say that pet insurance is expensive, but it’s not. And besides, it could save thousands of dollars in the future! It could even save you money tomorrow – you never know what will happen with a cat.

Wake ups

It appears cats are always snoozing in a bright place on the floor. When are they not snoozing in a bright location on the floor? About one to three hours before your alarm clock is set to go off. That’s when they get their daily workout by scratching at the walls and climbing on your face.

More mess

Humans would never consider pooping in a litter box. However, it is perfectly okay for your cat to defecate in a box someplace in your house and then leave it for you to pick up. And, just for good measure, track some litter about the room. Not to mention, and there is no other way to put it, cat owners frequently get up and personal with their cats’ butts. It’s a good thing if your cat sticks her butt in your face, even though it’s a little nasty. It indicates that she likes you!

Gift snobbery

Consider this, you spent a long time searching for the ideal cat bed. You studied hundreds of reviews, picked organic cotton that won’t bother his skin, and maybe even added some kitty-sized throw cushions to make him feel extra comfortable and fashionable. When an Amazon package comes, however, your cat makes it very apparent that a basic cardboard box is a thousand times better than the bed you worked so hard to select.

Yes, cats have their quirks. But we love them nonetheless!

Ruth Hill