5 ideal recruitment methods for African recruiters

 5 ideal recruitment methods for African recruiters

As we’ve already noted, technology is advancing at such a pace that it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without it. New software, gadgets and applications are developed every day in every field imaginable, including the Human Resources (HR) sector. This progress is becoming more and more integrated every day and therefore allows companies to evolve more easily. In the sector we are interested in (HR), it will help reduce costs in the recruitment process. Thanks to this technology, we now have new recruitment methods that African recruiters may well be tempted to adopt.

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Recruitment methods that have been widely used

Video Interviewing

This is one of the most widely used methods in the recruitment process. Very simple and easy to use, the video interview has been adopted by several companies. A study, with more than 500 responses from HR managers, shows that 6 out of 10 companies video interview their applicants. This shows how much African recruiters can adopt this form of interview and integrate it into their system (1).


We are in an era where data is crucial for any business tenant to progress. Not content with just revolutionizing the financial sector. The blockchain completely changes the management of data with a transparent, secure and above all error-free system. With a similar system at their disposal, companies can verify the reliability of the information and background for each applicant.

Social Networks

The numbers speak for themselves. The presence of recruiters on LinkedIn is estimated at 87% against 55% on Facebook and 54% on Twitter. Recruiting on social media is real since 51% of companies make offers and recruit on social networks. In contrast to recruiters, statistics detected for potential candidates that 48% found their last job on social media. In this way, African recruiters can be more efficient and accurate in their choice by identifying, through different tools, not only the skills of an applicant, but also determine if the candidate in question can be in harmony with the company’s culture (3).

Artificial Intelligence

Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) is included in almost everything these days, from personal assistants to smartphones and other gadgets, it’s only natural to use it for recruiting.This sorting is then automatic and reduces manual activities and increases the possibilities of finding the best recruit. Experts even think that AI can revolutionize the recruiter’s job and increase his capabilities and efficiency.

Clare Louise