Health Benefits Of Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are rich and highly nutritious. They are richly packed with are vitamins, minerals, and potassium with no cholesterol. This rare breed can be used as the main dish or the side dish and are perfect for any occassion. They are highly proteinous in nature and have more potassium than you can imagine. The only fruit that comes close to this is bananas. We all know that this type of potato is good for cooking varieties of dishes but above all this, the health benefits are a lot more than you know. 

It contains calcium which helps to build strong bones and strengthen the bone. This is why you should not joke with red potatoes. It contains potassium than any other vegetable or fruit which helps to circulate blood while reducing high blood pressure in the body. It is very good for preventing heart diseases because it contains lots of fiber and no cholesterol which causes the disease. It helps to reduce body fat and prevents the formation of cancer cells in the body. It contains lots of vitamin c which acts as a sunscreen protector and helps to prevent the sun from damaging the skin or causing wrinkles while repairing damages caused by the sun.  It also aids digestion by breaking down food into smaller bits for easy digestion. 

Red potatoes also help to renew and increase the energy levels in the body. It has an abundance of carbohydrates and vitamins needed to replace lost energy. Every part of this potato is nutritious and the skin contains more than Fifty percent of fiber that the potato carries. It has one of the best textures when cooked. It is creamy and yet solid with this sweet taste you cannot get enough of. I remember when an Uncle of mine was battling heart disease. It was a really bad experience and he went to see the doctor who advised him to be taking some food and reducing some food. He was told to take oats, unripe plantain, and potatoes. The doctor also told him it would be best for him to get the red potatoes. it was surprising because no one expected him to mention that but when he told us the benefit it contained, I was even more surprised. 

Anyone who has seen potatoes would tell you that it varies in size but this particular one is usually smaller than most but so beneficial that you do not want to do without having them in your kitchen for your next meal. 


Paul Petersen