Choosing The Best Storage Location

 Choosing The Best Storage Location

When you begin to search for a self storage facility, you’ll find that most companies offer similar services and choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. At the very least, you expect the facility to ensure that your items are safe at all times. While pricing can be a differentiator but expensive isn’t always better and there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration in order to make the right choice. Here are some important factors you should carefully consider when searching for self storage in Southwark.

Safety and Security

It is the most important thing you want in a self storage facility. Make sure they have adequate security arrangements in place, 24 hours a day. The facility should have the latest alarm system along with remote monitoring. They should also have fire alarms, adequate lighting, smoke detectors and other sensors to detect any issues. Also, CCTV cameras should be spread throughout the facility and should be continuously monitored. The facility should allow you to lock the unit with your own padlock.

Size and Type of Storage

Choose a self storage facility that offers a wide variety of storage units ranging from small lockers to big units up to several hundred square feet in size. You might need to store a huge quantity of items in the future and you would want to store it in the same facility. Therefore, make sure extra containers are always available when needed. Also, the facility should allow you to store the kind of items you want to put there. 


Never choose a storage facility based only on the price. Usually, significantly cheaper prices mean shoddy storage units or lack of customer service. However, expensive isn’t always better as there are many brand names that charge exorbitant prices just because they can. 

Look for overall balance. Make sure they have adequate security, 24 x 7 access, climate control if needed, on-site management and other such features to make your life easy. Don’t compromise on security and customer service just to save a few pounds.


The facility should be flexible with contracts, storage unit sizes, access hours and other such things. In other words, customer service should be their top priority. Professional storage facilities take customer service seriously and people working there are always happy to advise their customers on anything ranging from removals to insurance and other such things.


The choice of location will depend on the frequency of use. If all other things are equal, choose a self storage facility that is closer to home if you plan to visit the storage facility frequently. It will be cheaper for you when you take into consideration the fuel costs of visiting the facility. On the other hand, you might want to save some money by choosing a location that is a bit further away in case you are going to visit the facility only once in a while.

Overall, there are number of things to consider when you are searching for the perfect self storage facility for your unique requirements. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and also take a close look at online reviews of the storage company to make sure your valuables are always safe and secure.


Paul Petersen