How big party bus you need

 How big party bus you need

No matter if you are planning a bachelorette party, a date night, a wine tour or a huge birthday bash, the best mode of transportation is no doubt the party bus which is the most awesome and suitable choice. The limo provider like Mississauga Limo rentals have the best and most affordable fleet for your desires. Following are few guidelines for you to select the best bus for your event while traveling with us.

Put together a rough list

When you have started planning your event, please put together a rough list of participants you want to invite. Think deeply about every single person who you would want to be at your party and then slowly short down the list if you have more people than you actually want. When you have the perfect amount of people for your party, leave some extra as some might not be able to join or may excuse at eleventh hour.

Send the invitations

Once you have finalized the list, you can start sending the invitations to the people you want in your party. Make sure to enclose all the important details in the invitations which must include an RSVP phone number and the date of event. The best time to have your guests RSVP is about two weeks before the party.

Count all RSVPs

The RSVP are really important and when you get calls or texts and response cards back then make sure you have the best system of keeping track of everyone. If you don’t hear from them then you have to reach out to them and ask for the plan on coming.

Getting the final headcount

When you have confirmed or heard back from everyone then it is the time to finalize the headcount. When the list is finalized then don’t forget to add yourself into the list. Most people do this mistake of not counting their selves in the list. It will be a surprise for you to know that how many people forget to count themselves. You can also keep some extra room for guest who can arrive as a surprise or may be one of your close friend brings someone with them and you cannot refuse.

Choosing the party bus

Now is the time to finally choose the party bus for your event when you have planned everything else. You have the guest list, the event venue and the date and time of the event so you have to choose the party bus for your event now. Pick the one which matches the number of guests, your budget and your convenience. It won’t be a problem if you keep some extra room for some un invited or surprise guests, but if you plan the event in a conservative manner then space can become a huge problem for you and your friends. Make sure to keep the above things in mind when you plan your event and go for the selection of the bus.


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