Does a Crypto Pilot Improve My Profit ?

 Does a Crypto Pilot Improve My Profit ?

Yes, a crypto pilot will give you a yearly return of 50%. This is better than what other trading bots in the cryptocurrency market offers. A crypto pilot is a trading bot that makes use of quantitative trading to make profitable decisions concerning the cryptocurrency market.

The primary aim of a crypto pilot is to study the cryptocurrency market and make trades on your behalf that will yield profits. Even though some fees are charged during transactions, it is all to generate revenue for the improvement of the platform. Check out the interesting features of a crypto pilot below.

Features of a Crypto Pilot

Without further ado, let’s look at the features of a crypto pilot below:

  • Low Minimum Deposit: Do you want to try out the crypto pilot but don’t want to deposit a large amount of bitcoin? Fortunately, you can. By taking advantage of this crypto pilot feature, you can deposit a minimum of 0.005BTC. Unlike other trading bots, the crypto pilot offers a low minimum deposit so that beginners with no experience can have a trial at a little cost.
  • 20%-30% Maximum Drawdown: To prevent you from losing your capital, the crypto pilot doesn’t allow drawdowns to exceed 20%-30%. Interestingly, this will be to your advantage if you decide to continue using the crypto pilot after the first trial. This is because the feature helps to manage risks just the way you as an experienced trader will when trading.
  • Updates you Monthly: Besides the crypto pilot, the platform emails your portfolio statements to you every month. Without logging into the platform, you will be updated monthly about the performing crypto pilot. This feature is great for keeping track of your progress, especially if you are an investor.
  • No Settings Required: Do you know that other trading bots require you to make settings that must change along with market conditions? Fortunately, a crypto pilot doesn’t require you to make such settings. This is because OSOM will help you notify the crypto pilot to make profits without going through the stress of trading.
  • You Can Trade up to 30 pairs of Coins: Amazingly, you can trade up to 30 pairs of different coins at the same time. This will further increase the chances of the crypto pilot to make trades that will yield high profits. What’s better than making profits and improving your investments?


Even though you are a beginner or an investor in cryptocurrency, the crypto pilot will improve your profit. That is because it offers a yearly ROI of 50% and performs better than other trading bots in the cryptocurrency market.

Created by Osom, the crypto pilot is user-friendly. Also, they have an office in Brussels. Besides this, the platform is licensed and regulated by the EU. This means that the crypto pilot is not only legal and legit but will keep your money safe. Finally, trading crypto has been made easy with the crypto pilot. Give it a try?

Clare Louise