Dual Diagnosis Details in Houston, TX – What Matters

 Dual Diagnosis Details in Houston, TX – What Matters

Most addicts get themselves checked at alcohol recovery facilities like Skyward Treatment only for them to receive a dual diagnosis. Such was the case of George, who was shocked when the therapist explained that he was dealing with an issue of alcoholism and anxiety.

It took a bit of explanation by the expert for him to see the patterns and appreciate the journey. It turns out that George had dealt with a case of undiagnosed anxiety for years and eventually turned to alcohol as a numbing remedy, only to end up with a worse problem than he needed to deal with.

His anxiety increased over time and worsened when his dad dieted. The pressure of having o take care of his widowed mother, work problems, and the funeral costs all get the better of him. This is a familiar story for most people with similar diagnoses.

The good news is that it ought not to be this way., There is a possibility of coming up with a road map that can help you recover and lead a normal and fulfilling life. However, it all starts with committing to the process and getting checked into an inpatient facility.

But what Exactly is Dual Diagnosis?

This refers to a situation of co-occurring disorders. This term often refers to the scenario where the affected individuals struggle with mental disorders and some form of addiction. Usually, the dependency on the substance stems from the temporary relief it offers.

Unfortunately, the seemingly good response ceases over time, and the patient desires more since the tolerance level increases. The result is an addiction problem that compounds their mental issues. In most cases, the mental issues are exaggerated. For example, the anxiety can be heightened and made to feel worse than it is.

However, the opposite can also be true. Mental disorders can develop due to substance abuse that alters the chemical composition and balance in the brain. It is essential to tackle the issue from the point of sobriety in the sense that the affected individuals have to fast deal with their addiction then the mental issue can also be addressed concurrently. This way, a full recovery is assured.

Why Dual Diagnosis is Important

Patients that have this diagnosis present a complex treatment need. The treatment has to be more intense and thorough lest an important aspect is missed. The issues must be handled concurrently and co-occurring conditions tackled to the core.

Ignoring either of the conditions will be a setback to full recovery, as the two do not exist independently. The fact that they influence the severity of each other means that they have to be tackled with the same measure of seriousness. Do not prioritize one ailment over the other.

This diagnosis is vital as it helps patients to be treated without disorienting their routine. Family and business/ career routines can remain intact, even when the treatment is ongoing. A combination of treatment techniques and programs may be needed to ensure this condition is treated correctly. The specific methods used will depend on the goal one has set for themselves. Therefore, make sure to choose a facility that has your best interests at heart always. Call Us today for more info.

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