Essential Tips for Home Staging

 Essential Tips for Home Staging

Staging a home for sale is the best investment to get the desired value for the house. Some findings depict that staged homes have three times faster selling rates than non-staged homes. Also, it may increase the value of a house by up to 10%.

Home staging is a very crucial process. One should achieve it very carefully. Here let’s run down some essential tips to follow for home staging.

Thorough Cleaning

Cleanliness is the first impression that attracts homebuyers to take further steps. Hotels mostly follow utmost cleanliness to make them appealing to customers on a daily basis. So, clean your homes just like hotels to get the highest possible value. The buyers check every nook and cranny. Therefore, it is important to clean everything and every stuff thoroughly. Cleaning involves dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing, etc.

Declutter Each Room

Cluttered rooms make the space look smaller. To make your home look big and a must-buy, you should declutter all the unused and unimportant stuff. Avoid putting such things in the closet as buyers seem to inspect them too. Just pack all the rarely used things and put them away from the house in a safe place. The cluttered things may consist of papers, games, unseasonal clothes, home decors, etc.

Depersonalize Each Room

The main objective of home staging is to make the buyer feel that the home belongs to them. Removing all the personal items from home can help the buyers connect better. Providing charm and style to the space, but without any personal touch, can give the best value to the house. Remove all the personalized photos and frames. Keep the clothes away from sight. Clear all the counters from any personal things such as toothbrushes etc. Also, keep any religious items away from the visual of buyers. Make the buyers feel that the home is theirs.

Patch, Repair and go Neutral

It is an important tip when staging a home for sale. Any scratches, holes, or impurities can detach the buyers. Use a melamine foam eraser pad to remove any scuffs from walls or surroundings. Moreover, paint touch-ups also need to be done wherever required to make the surface even.

Bright color walls are trendy these days. It reflects the personality of the house owner. But going neutral is the best practice for staging a home for sale. Paint or repaint any bright color on walls with soothing and calm colors such as taupe, white, grey, etc. This process might be time and cost-consuming, but it may increase the chances of a quick sale.


These tips for staging a home for sale are essential factors to get the best value of the house. Go one by one by taking care of each of the above tips. Following these tips can help to make the buyers feel that the home belongs to them before even buying. It may also result in a quick decision of buying a home as they might not want to miss the opportunity.

Paul Watson