Exclusive tips for choosing the right wedding rings

 Exclusive tips for choosing the right wedding rings

More than any other jewel, the alliance is the very symbol of eternal passion and the promise of a life for two. Classic or original, smooth or brushed effect, it can be complex for each groom to find the illustrious ring. According to jewellery expertise, here are some precious advices and to accompany you in this moving stage which is the choice of your alliances!

Think duration and quality: favour alliances forged especially for you

The wedding rings are the eternal bond of your love, so they should be designed to last. Do not compromise on quality. Instead of opting for a ring already in stock, have your ring forged specially for you, at your finger size. Why?

Order your wedding rings on time

Custom manufacturing of a forged alliance takes around 3 to 5 weeks. We recommend that you choose them at the latest one month before your wedding. Of course you can buy them in advance so as not to be overwhelmed by all the preparations at the same time. 3 or 4 months before your wedding is a reasonable time.

Favour the fitting in store

The shop is a place designed to help you find the perfect jewel, take advantage of personalized advice and try your favourites. The intimate and warm setting will make fitting a unique moment between future spouses!

Bring your engagement ring for your wedding ring fitting

If you do not have to match wedding rings and engagement rings, the main thing is to find a beautiful harmony between these two love rings and to make yourself pleasure. Whether you choose to wear them on the same hand or not, it is best to try them together to realize the effect and find the best possible combination.

Take the weather into account when you take your finger size

Good to know: the heat swells your fingers and you can have up to three sizes of difference between winter and summer! Think about it depending on when you try your wedding rings. The right size does not squeeze your finger but passes with difficulty the joint of the phalanx.

Think about personalizing your alliance

Beyond the choice of model, its width and its gold colour, you can further personalize your wedding ring by choosing its finish and engraving. A polished alliance offers a shiny appearance while the brushed effect modifies the ring.

The engraving is symbolic and makes alliances unique. it is possible to engrave the respective first names as well as the wedding date or even a sweet personalized message.


If you read and enjoy this article, you will know some important aspects of marriage. The main thing is to listen to your heart and to choose an alliance that suits your partner and perfectly matches with her. And also remember the “right” width is often linked to a good proportion between the size of her hands and the width of wedding band.  So, if you want to make your marriage memorable and want to see your partner happy then gift her Blue opal rings.

Ruth Hill