The United States’ First Marijuana Cafe

 The United States’ First Marijuana Cafe

Every election cycle seems to result in a new state legalizing recreational marijuana due to the multiple benefits of the tax income given back to the state. California was the first state to legalize for medicinal purposes and recreational use with several others following closely behind. It comes as no surprise that Los Angeles now has the country’s first marijuana cafe, Original Cannabis Cafe. With more states deciding to legalize, it seems as if the prohibition era has ended.

What Does a Marijuana Cafe Look Like?

Marijuana cafes are a space for those who enjoy cannabis or are simply intrigued by the idea and wish to have a different experience. Cafes typically sell different types of marijuana, in pre-rolled joint and flower form as well as beverages and small edibles as well as smoking accessories and concentrate. For the newbies, the host will make recommendations based on the type of experience you want to have. Marijuana cafes are typically restaurant-style with a social and laid-back atmosphere. Nothing like this has existed in the United States for over 100-years with cannabis tea pads.

Original Cannabis Cafe Food Menu

The Original Cannabis Cafe takes this idea a step further by offering a full food and beverage menu presented by Chef Andrea Drummond. This differs from many European marijuana cafes that may only have baked goods, other edibles or no food at all. The food options are all farm-to-table, to pair with farm-to-table cannabis, and range from house chips and guac to chicken or cauliflower wings as appetizers and burgers and wraps as main dishes. They even offer various desserts for those with a sweet tooth. From a beverage perspective, no alcohol is served. However, you can order various flavors of floats, freshly pressed juices, coffees and teas, and different types of Boylan’s sodas. On the weekends, expect a fantastic brunch menu, which is served

How a Marijuana Cafe Differs from a Bar

Marijuana cafes are different from bars in that there is no alcohol allowed on the premise and you can smoke and relax inside. A marijuana cafe is much closer related to a cigar shop only with the addition of food.

Who is Starting Marijuana Cafes?

While the Original Cannabis Cafe is the first in the United States, many others with a similar business model will start popping up. Those starting these cafes are cannabis enthusiasts who wish to provide a new experience to cannabis lovers. The cafe model can follow the European model as a place to consume while offering a variety of products or it can follow the new American model of being a full-fledged restaurant, or it can be a hybrid of the two. Many new innovators in this industry will begin conceptualizing and executing their ideal marijuana café to please the high demand.

The Original Cannabis Cafe has set the bar high in this space. With a full food and beverage menu from renowned Chef Andrea Drummond, this location will be tough to beat. Luckily, the sky is the limit in this new industry so many innovative new marijuana cafe ideas will be launched in the coming years. It is clear there is a need in the industry for marijuana cafes and they will become an American staple in the future, once more states pass laws to legalize marijuana.

Ruth Hill