First time visit to a strip club: What you need to know 

 First time visit to a strip club: What you need to know 

It’s hard to find a single word that defines Melbourne strippers. The words that come to mind include: scintillating, titillating, sexy, fun, enticing. The problem is picking just one from the many Melbourne clubs located right in the centre of the city. There are so many questions one might have if you are visiting a strip club. What is a strip club near me? Which one should you pick? Is there a dress code? How much money should you bring with you – considering the cost of drinks and the price of a lap dance? Adult entertainment in Melbourne and strip clubs in particular offer show-stopping spectacles of beautiful, talented women. 

If you are visiting a Melbourne Strip Club for the first time, there are a few things you need to know: 

  • Weigh factors that are important to you

Search for a club that appeals to you. The strip clubs in Melbourne are located very close to the CBD so finding a strip club near me should not be difficult. You can literary hop from one club to another in a matter of minutes. Before you head out to any particular place consider things like how big the club is, the kind of dancers that perform there, the reputation the club has in the neighborhood. What kind of stripping would you like to experience, full-on nudity or partial? Whilst all strip clubs serve alcohol most of them do not serve food but if they do it will be your typical burger and chips. 

  • Dress to Impress

The dress code at strip clubs is slightly more laid back but there are still some standards that the club would want to keep. You cannot go wrong with smart casual. No shorts, no sweatpants and no flip flops. You should try to be presentable and most importantly, to smell good. 

  • Bring lots of cash

Cash is king at a strip club, it can get you attention and great service. Hot ladies will gravitate towards you because of how you tip. Before you head out, change your high denomination currencies to ones. You can make it rain with just one dollar bills with $50-$100. Keep that for tips. Drinks are another matter and shouldn’t be part of the tip. Tip everyone including the bartender. A lot of staff make money from tips. The strippers themselves have to use those very same tips to pay the stage fee, tip the house mother, the DJ and everyone else who plays an important part in their own performances. 

  • No Touching

Most strip clubs have a no-touching rule: it might not be emblazoned on the wall for you to see. The performer might touch you and if you get yourself a lap dance, there might be some touching but let that come from the stripper and touch only if you are invited to do so.  

  • Respect goes a long way

Common decency and respect will take get you far. If you are nice, people will be nice to you. Be friendly, respectful and don’t be a pervert. If you manage these simple rules, your first time at a strip club will be a great one. 

Clare Louise