Four Reasons to Hire a Defense Attorney When Facing Criminal Charges

 Four Reasons to Hire a Defense Attorney When Facing Criminal Charges

If you are being charged with a criminal offense, you may be wondering if a defense attorney can help you avoid a conviction. The truth is that you should hire an attorney to defend you against the charges you are facing. Here’s why:

Defense Attorneys Have Built Important Connections

The relationships a Fassio Law criminal defense attorney may have built can determine how your case will go and get the information that can be used for your case. Your defense attorney has a relationship with various prosecutors and even judges who may handle your case. Their familiarity with how these people work and handle cases allows your attorney to better use the defense strategy that fits your case. They will know if it is in your best interest to take a plea bargain or negotiate. They can advise when it’s best to take a plea deal or fight the charges in court. 

They Possess the Necessary Experience

To increase your chances of prevailing in your case, you need a defense attorney who has extensive experience handling similar cases. This way, they know how exactly to approach and craft your defense. They know the kind of evidence to obtain to strengthen your case. 

They Can Help Protect Your Future

 A skilled defense lawyer will fight for you to make sure your future won’t be jeopardized. They can get the charges you facing reduced, your penalties lessened, and your case dismissed because of police errors while unlawfully getting evidence against you. When your charges are reduced, you won’t have a felony on your criminal record, ensuring your career won’t be ruined. Also, a reduction in your possible penalties can help you avoid spending time in jail and losing your job. If your case gets dismissed, you avoid the negative effect of a conviction on your life. 

They Can Help You Save Money

While you will have to pay for your attorney’s services, they can help you get the best sentencing for your criminal case. This means that you will be able to keep your job or professional license. Losing your job can leave you without income for months. And if you lose your professional license, you wouldn’t be able to earn an income for a lot of years. And even if you don’t lose your job, missing work because of extended court appearances or jail time can cause a financial strain you could avoid when you hire a defense attorney immediately. 

Paul Petersen