Guide To Ergonomic Office |Its Components and Benefits

 Guide To Ergonomic Office |Its Components and Benefits

Everyone has a dream office. Some want their offices to be as cool as Google’s, where its office compound has its massage parlour for the employees and offers free food! Meanwhile, others like simple things. A spacious workspace with no gossipmonger co-worker and has Herman Miller office chairs.

Sometimes, what employees look for in a comfortable office is an ergonomic chair and desk in Singapore. Who wants to sit in a cramped chair and use a table with an uncomfortable height? Do you know that the comfort of your office affects the performance and productivity of your employees?

One way to make your workspace reposeful for the staff is upgrading their chairs and desks to ergonomic ones. This article will tell the basic things you need to know about ergonomic chairs in Singapore.

A Brief Introduction To Office Ergonomics

A worker sits for an average of eight hours a day in their office cubicles. Multiply these to the 261 workdays a year; you will get 2,088 hours sitting in the same chair and facing the same table.

It can be a problem if you spend those hours slouching, craning your neck towards the computer with your wrists perched on a much higher table to type. Poor posture could take a toll on your health in the long run.

It is the reason why companies make their workspace an ergonomic office.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of engineering and designing products to cater to the anatomical, physiological, and psychological needs of the people who will use them.

What is office ergonomics?

Office ergonomics is simply a workspace that consists of ergonomic furniture, equipment, and other fixtures for employees to use. A few examples of these fixtures are an ergonomic table and chair in Singapore.

These two are the primary components of an ergonomic office. The next chapter will discuss ergonomic chairs and tables.


Ergonomic Chairs and Tables

Each office has chairs and tables. They are probably the most used component in the office, and employees spend most of their office days in them. Some offices spend on cheaper tables and chairs, while others splurge on Herman Miller Aeron chairs and tables in Singapore.

Ergonomic Chair

Prolonged sitting with poor posture impacts our health in many ways we don’t expect. Using a poorly designed and ill-fitting chair aggravates bad posture.

Ergonomic chairs help improve our posture by having features designed for our anatomical, physiological, and psychological needs. It means that Herman Miller office chairs support our back, spine, hips, and arms.

Here are the common features of an ergonomic chair;

Adjustable seat height

One of the most fundamental features of ergonomic Herman Miller office chairs is seat height adjustment.

Not everyone has the same height. High chairs for short people can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, a tall person may be squeezing their long legs when sitting in a low chair.

Users can adjust the seat height of an ergonomic chair, depending on what is comfortable with them.

Generally, your seat is at the appropriate height if the user’s knees are at a 90 degrees angle with the feet lying flat on the floor. The thighs should be paralleled to the hips.

Adjustable backrest

The backrest is essential in maintaining the posture and supporting the back.

Users can adjust the backrest height and angle to fit the contour of the back cushion to the most comfortable support position. The appropriate backrest angle prevents users from slouching.

Some people choose to recline the backrest a little to reduce the pressure on the bones, spine, and muscles. Allowing it to rock back and forth eases back stress.

Lumbar support

Our spine has a natural S curvature. The lumbar support assists the user’s lower back.

The lumbar support mimics this natural inward curvature of the spine. It prevents slouching and eases the tension on the lower back, spine, and pelvis.

Some Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic chairs in Singapore allow adjustments of the lumbar support by fixing the height and angle of the backrest. Other chairs have separate lumbar support adjustments where users can position and align the depth and pressure of the lumbar to support their spine curvature. This unique adjustment feature is a must-have for an ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic Table

Surprisingly, tables also play a significant role in an ergonomic office. An ordinary office table works, but we can maximise our comforts by opting for an ergonomic desk in Singapore. An ergonomic table also encourages proper posture of the body.

Here are the most common features of an ergonomic table in Singapore:

Adjustable desk height

Office life encourages a sedentary lifestyle. People who are working long hours on the computer while sitting impacts their health. The lack of physical activity, terrible posture, and poor blood circulation increase the risks of developing chronic illnesses, including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

An ergonomic table in Singapore allows users to adjust its height. The user can fix the tables at a comfortable height for them to work while standing up. Switching positions from sitting to standing up gives a small amount of physical activity during office hours.

Desk Mount

Desk mounts or monitor mounts are also essential components of an ergonomic table in Singapore. Instead of placing your computer monitor on top of the table, the desk mount holds it and keeps it suspended.

It allows employees to fix the angle, distance, and height of their computer monitor by adjusting the monitor mount arm at their most comfortable position. It prevents users from craning their necks towards the computer screen.

Now that you know what an ergonomic office is and the fundamental components of ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron chairs and tables in Singapore, let us dig into their benefits.

The Benefits of An Ergonomic Office

An ergonomic office is not only advantageous for the employees but also beneficial to the employers in so many ways.



You can make your office a comfortable workplace by prioritising its ergonomic concerns. The best place to start with is by equipping it with ergonomic office furniture and essentials.

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