Love getting bonuses? Check out the offers in Playerzpot and GetMega

 Love getting bonuses? Check out the offers in Playerzpot and GetMega

Who does not love to get bonuses? Being a gaming enthusiast, when we get the least of bonuses, it tends to become an instant delight for all of us. Now that you have started enjoying the many gaming apps that are available in the market in dozens, how many times have you checked the bonuses? There is no harm in winning some extra prizes that do not take much energy or time, and bonuses are one of them. 

If you have been a fanatic of some of the most common games that are played in India, like Kabaddi, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Baseball and other card and board games, you have the GetMega and Playerzpot available. You definitely need to keep these two on your bucket list not only because the developers have offered you a chance to play your favourite games but also these platforms can instantly light up your mood with the bonus offerings. 

Yes, both of these gaming platforms have some of the most played sports along with the bonuses that they offer. Therefore we will check out both of these platforms and find out how Playerzpot and GetMega can keep you stick to them with their bonus options. 

Bonus Offered By Playerzpot: 

There is no doubt that you definitely love this gaming platform due to its intriguing UI and the range of common games that they have included. However, they have kept their way to promote and engage users tightly with the signup bonus. 

This is also associated with the referral bonus. Therefore if you are on Playerzpot because you wish to enjoy the games and want to earn in other means, you can start referring your friends and family. Playerzpot offers both to you. When the one you referred to downloads the app and uses the code you sent while registering, you can get the bonus. 

Both you and the person whom you referred will be able to earn Rs 50 instantly. This you can use to play and start winning more from it. Besides, you need to keep an eye on the different monthly offers that they provide to the users. This will also provide you with a chance to win bonuses. 

Bonus Offered By GetMega: 

If you wish to enjoy some card games or board games that are not similar to the sports mentioned above, you need to use GetMega. It is another great choice for fanatics who wish to enjoy gaming and earning. But coming to the bonuses, GetMega never leaves a chance to impress its users. 

With the multitude of modes to earn, GetMega offers you the chance to use your leisure time and get something in your pocket. This gaming platform not only has a great UI that will let you play and win great prizes, but they have other offerings as well. 

With GetMega, you can find the signup bonuses for everyone who wishes to become a part of the platform. Whether you have referred or not, the signup bonus is given as a bonus to the users to help them play the games and earn. Apart from this, they also have referral rewards. This means you can choose anyone from your circle and send them the reference link. When they sign up, you will be rewarded. 

Conclusion: There is no doubt about the fact that we all love getting some extra rewards. Needless to say, both GetMega and Playerzpot have offered us ultimate chances to win prizes from leisure time and activities. These gaming platforms have also taken proper care of offering bonuses. Therefore if you enjoy gaming, you can choose any platform and start earning something from your passion and leisurely activities. 

Clare Louise