Happy Kids – Kid-Safe Videos

Kids are the future of the world. This is why providing only what is best for them is extremely vital. Kids must be educated and protected at all costs. If the world could change for good, that can only be done by the future of the world. And carving the future of the world into something good is in your hands. Kids are indeed hidden treasures.

Even though many of us do not think through enough, the physical and mental impact on kids in their younger days, often have a greater impact on the individual when they grow up to be adults. This is why kids must be well taken care of mentally as well as physically.

Science has shown that anything watched or learnt from the ages 0-7 will be absorbed and saved in the kids memory and will be affected when they are adults as well. This is why it is extremely important to monitor the content your kids enjoy now.

A Happy kid now, will be a happy adult. Therefore, bringing only what’s best for your children, Future Today Inc has introduced the ‘HappyKids – Kid-Safe videos’ for all your kids educational and entertainment needs on Android TV.

About HappyKids Videos app

The app is designed with only safe videos that is absolutely free and will contain content of education, entertainment with popular movies, cartoons, vlogs, rhymes, stories, and nothing but the very best for al, your kids.

The app is also ad-free, so you no longer have to go through the hassle of being interrupted by videos while watching. The app has divided its content into a series of categories depending on your kids age so that you know exactly what your kids must be watching.

The content is split into age categories of 0-2 years which is for your toddlers, 2-4 years which is for your pre-schoolers, 4-6 years of age, 6-10 year old boys and 6-10 year old girls because at this age, their interests are completely contradicting.

It is now extremely easy to find safe but educating content for your kids because the app will do what is necessary for the kids. This app will guarantee to keep your kids happy and well educated with all of its content.

The app has over 55,000 episodes that are loved by kids from all around the world.

You can also leave your kids withits content with no supervision because HappyKids guarantees safety of your kids! The shows include LEGO friends, TV rhymes, Thomas and Friends, Diana Kids Show, Molang, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Ninja Kidz, Shaun the Sheep, Storybots, Teletubbies, and many more others that will keep your little one up on their toes!

The app also contains easy search history and discovery so that you couldsimply search for what you want your kids to enjoy.

All of the popularprograms will be recommended for you so you know what your kids would love. The videos are all HD quality and is guaranteed the best watching experience.

Install HappyKids Apk on Amazon Fire TV

Install Kids only TV app for free on your Amazon Fire TV. You can use AppLinked or FileSynced to install. AppLinked and FileSynced has user created stores. You can access those stores using TV codes. For example, you can use AppLinked code to access AppLinked store. There are TV app stores like Play Store. For example, Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV has many Android apps and games. But does not have many Movies and videos apps like on AppLinked.

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