Hiking shoes: what size to buy and which model to choose?

 Hiking shoes: what size to buy and which model to choose?

When you visit the online store to choose the best hiking boots, besides encountering several models of different brands and with very different prices, you will have another challenge to face – to understand if the foot fits well in the boot and what size to buy. Don’t worry, as it is a common dilemma among hiking lovers.

The suggestion is as follows.

After identifying the type of hiking boot/shoe (flexible models, high ankle boots, casual hiking sneakers, bots for long trekking with backpack, casual hiking shoes for mountain trails, etc.) you want, list two or four different models and compare them. You can list shoes either from the same brand or different. You will notice that some hiking shoes/boots have a broader shape than others. Some are wider at the front, giving more freedom to the toes. Others are more tapered. However, choose the best hiking shoes for women that convey adjusting better to the shape. Don’t forget to try several models.

What about the size?

The final step is micro-tuning: choosing the correct size. Once you’ve chosen the best hiking shoes for women, try two or three sizes until you feel perfect (in case if you visit a physical store). If you are buying online, you should measure your foot’s length, compare it with the size chart given in an online store, choose the suitable model, and place the order. You can order two or three hiking boots/shoes online at a time. Once they reach you, try them one by one.

Always wear boots on both feet while trying them. Walk a little, do some stretch, and make sure your toes don’t tap in front of the boot. Remember that your feet will become swollen after a long day of walking, especially when going downhill. So, if you notice that this happens, choose the size above. You can return the models you don’t like and keep the model that suits you better.

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The choice is not easy. The market is now flooded with many models, various types, and different brand approaches for the same purpose. The wide offer allows you to choose precisely the suitable model. However, it is tough to choose the perfect hiking boots/shoes for the first time because it requires individual experience. Remember, you should dedicate more time and energy to the choice of hiking boots. Hiking and trekking need training and knowledge. Without skills and perfect hiking boots, the path is not easy.

Danny White